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Russian officials talk about the possibility of Ukraine disintegration

“For not finding a way to entice people Ukraine On its side, Washington – long before the 2014 coup – convinced Ukrainians of national supremacy and hatred for everything that belongs to Russia,” Patrushev said in a statement. Exclusive interview with newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“Today, Ukrainians are drawn together because one thing in common is fear of nationalist battalions. The policies of the West and the Kiev government may eventually lead to the disintegration of Ukraine into a number of countries.”

While the West is seeking to prolong the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow wants to quickly end hostilities to minimize damage to both sides, Patrushev continued.

“It is not surprising that unlike Russia, which is interested in ending the campaign quickly and minimizing losses on all sides, the West is determined to find a way to prolong the conflict until there are only last Ukrainian.”

“The US and European military-industrial industries are very happy, because thanks to the crisis in Ukraine, orders have skyrocketed,” said Mr. poured into Ukraine.

Since Russia began its military campaign in Ukraine, the United States and its allies have poured hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons and ammunition into Kiev, despite repeatedly insisting that they will not be directly involved in the conflict.

In the past, Moscow has repeatedly warned that it will consider Western arms shipments to Ukraine as a legitimate military target.

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