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SEA Games 31 exclusive registration of mascot Saola

A few days ago, at the badminton tournament held in Bac Giang province, the high-prize winners received medals and rewarded with a stuffed animal shaped like Saola – the national mascot. SEA Games 31.

Share with Newspapers Youth, a member of the Organizing Committee said: “We asked a unit with a license to operate in law to advise on the protection of the mascot of the congress. In addition, the mascot is also copyright registration with the authorities and only the 31st SEA Games organizers are allowed to use Saola’s image to produce stuffed animals, printed on other items for service. SEA Games 31. Any individual or organization that imitates or counterfeits the Saola mascot will be handled according to the provisions of the law.

What is the special meaning of Sao La mascot of SEA Games 31?

According to BTC, it is estimated that by the end of April 26, there will be about 8,000 foreign members coming to Hanoi in May. In which, 10 regional delegations have about 5,700 people (including officials, coaches, athletes); 1,300 other members (including VIP guests, officials, referees, international supervisors).

Out of 10 Southeast Asian countries, 9 countries will be exempted from visa because they are all in ASEAN Timor Leste Not yet in this block, so according to Vietnam’s immigration regulations, this is the only group that has to apply for a visa when entering Vietnam. The 31st SEA Games attendance card is considered to be an identification kit for the attendees, not a replacement for a passport.

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