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Strange “fair” selling fish without weighing scale in Bac Giang

April 27, 2022 10:32 GMT+7

After catching fish from below the common pond area, people in Phuong Son commune, Luc Nam district (Bac Giang) divide and arrange each small catch into equal portions, filling the yard for families to receive. about.

Strange 'market' selling fish without weighing scale in Bac Giang
Households in the village buy fingerlings, raise them naturally in the cooperative ponds, and then harvest them after 2 years (Photo: Nguyen Ha).

Recently, the pictures of catching fish in the pond and then dividing it equally among the people in the village posted online by Ms. Nguyen Ha (37 years old, living in Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province) have quickly attracted many people. attention. Most people were interested and surprised at the scene where the fishes were divided evenly and filled the large yard of the people here.

“Looking at the scene of dividing fish is so unique, I’ve never seen it”, “There are many interesting activities in the countryside, but also a bond between the village and the village”, “The people here are so wonderful, where can I buy the fish? yes, but playing like this makes more sense”…

Sharing with reporters, Ms. Ha said, the moment of dividing fish into equal batches, filling the yard and distributing to people was recorded in Phuong Lan 6 village, Phuong Son commune, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province.

“Since I was a child, the village has had this unique tradition. This is a cooperative pond area, the people in the village will together pay money to buy fingerlings and then release them into the wild. After two years, they will harvest and divide them. do it twice because the number of fish is a lot,” said Ms. Ha. According to the 37-year-old woman, the pond area is very large, with about 200 households in the village. Every year, households contribute money to buy some types of fish such as catfish, carp, and drift fish and then raise them naturally in ponds.

Strange 'market' selling fish without weighing scale in Bac Giang
An excited villager after catching a big fish. (Photo: Nguyen Ha).

Before harvesting, each family usually contributes about 50,000 VND to support hiring people to pull and divide fish. The remaining amount will be deducted from the purchase of fingerlings for the next crop.

“After the fish-harvesting session, the village head will meet and announce the remaining amount and then consult with local people to see how much the next fish purchase will cost. This activity always receives the attention and enthusiastic participation. from households in the village,” shared Ms. Ha. Usually, on the holiday or Sunday of April to May every year, the villagers will start to collect fish. From early in the morning, young men and healthy men bustlingly come to the pond area of ​​the cooperative and focus on pulling nets and catching fish.

After that, the fish division consisting of many women continues to carry out the next tasks such as sorting the fish and arranging them into different parts. Each fish portion corresponds to one household, which is evenly divided, lined up and placed in a large yard.

Ha revealed that in the past, every time the fish was divided, the village used to knock the gong. Today, equipment is more modern, people use loudspeakers to notify households to come and get fish.

The scene of bustling fish sharing, people lined up crowded around creating an atmosphere like a market. However, this “market” is quite special because the item is only fish. The actual division is also estimated, without weighing and still ensuring the same, not according to a specific criterion.

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