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Terrible electric shock in India, 11 people died in religious procession

People gathered around a horse-drawn carriage that was damaged after being entangled in a high-voltage power line. (Photo: Reuters)

Indian officials on April 27 said that the case Shockwave The fatal incident occurred when a vehicle traveling during a religious procession became entangled in a broken overhead power line and caught fire. More than 10 other people were also injured in Thanjavur district, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The incident took place after a high-voltage power line suddenly fell on a 2.7-meter-tall horse-drawn carriage decorated to resemble a chariot and was pulled by worshipers traveling in a procession.

Terrible electric shock in India, 11 people died in a religious procession - Photo 1.

Eleven people were killed by electric shock during a religious procession in the village of Kalimedu, Thanjavur district, India on April 27. (Photo: Reuters)

Some people were injured because they fell to the ground after being electrocuted, while others managed to escape the burning flames by jumping from a carriage carrying statues of Hindu gods along with devotees.

The chariot, which was heading back to the nearby temple, was badly damaged, leaving only a pile of rubble.

Fire trucks and local officials joined the rescue effort.

“I hope the injured recover soon,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter as he offered condolences to the relatives and families of the victims.

Prime Minister Modi announced that he will compensate more than $2,500 for the family of the deceased and provide $650 for the injured.

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