Tesla’s self-driving feature makes car owners “sweat” when crashing into a $3.5 million plane

Recently, a video went viral on the social network Reddit when it captured the moment a $3.5 million private jet was hit by a Tesla while in self-driving mode.

The video was extracted from security cameras at Felts Field Airport in Spokane, Washington. At the moment, there is an event organized by the aircraft manufacturer Cirrus.

According to the owner of the video on Reddit, the white Tesla Model Y was “summoned” by the owner through “Smart Summon” – a feature that allows the car to drive itself out of a parking space and move to the owner’s location. possess. However, the car while moving accidentally crashed into the tail of the Cirrus Vision Jet parked on the airport, causing the 1.7-ton aircraft to turn almost a circle.

It is worth mentioning that after the collision, the Tesla continued for a while and then stopped.

The collision is causing a fever on the social network Reddit (Source: u/smiteme)

Tesla’s Smart Summon feature was launched in 2019, allowing users to “summon” vehicles within a maximum distance through a smartphone app. CEO Elon Musk has described Smart Summon as the company’s “most viral feature ever”.

Initially, Smart Summon only works when the vehicle owner commands the car to move forward, making it easier for them to get the car out of tight parking lots. In the following updates, the feature has been improved more impressively, when it is possible to command the car to leave the parking lot, and automatically navigate to the owner.

However, machines cannot avoid errors. On the social network Twitter, many Tesla Model 3 owners have reflected the problems that occur when they use the Smart Summon feature.

One person said that his Tesla Model 3 almost hit an SUV while trying to cross the road to reach the owner. Fortunately, the other car braked in time, so there was no unfortunate accident.

  Tesla's self-driving feature makes car owners

Or another said, his Tesla Model 3 was partially dented when he was testing the Smart Summon feature on the car. Although the road was quite empty at the time, the car drove straight ahead, then crashed into the side of the garage.

  Tesla's self-driving feature makes car owners

The third case may not be the fault of the Tesla Model 3, when another vehicle reverses while the Model 3 is passing in Smart Summon mode.

The Tesla Model 3 almost hit another car in reverse (Source: @DavidFGuajardo)

Regarding the collision, which occurred at Felts Field, no specific damage has been announced at this time. However, if caught for compensation, the owner of the aforementioned Tesla Model Y car may “pale” when having to spend a huge amount of money.

This is also a lesson for this person, because the Smart Summon feature has been recommended by Tesla to be used only in parking lots and internal roads. Perhaps the car hasn’t learned to navigate the airport or react in time to avoid objects like jets. 35-million-usd-20220426101311389.chn

According to Tuan Dang

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