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The effect of jade crane mushroom? Why is jade crane called the panacea of ​​men?

What is a pearl mushroom?

The scientific name of the mushroom is Cynomorium songaricum. This is essentially a medicinal herb with the name radiating yang in Eastern medicine, in addition to other names such as pines, soap operas, earth capillaries, and earth wind roots.

Mushrooms are a perennial plant. The tree survives and grows by parasitic living on large, broad-leaved trees in the forest. In essence, this plant does not belong to the mushroom family, but when it shoots out of the ground, the top has a similar shape to the trunk of a mushroom, so it is called by folk people as jade crane mushroom.

The whole body of the jade crane can be used as a medicine. Mushrooms are usually available from September to December every year. After digging, the mushrooms will be washed many times with clean water and drained. Use fresh or dried whole or cut into thin slices lengthwise and dry in the shade to slightly shrink the face. Dried pearl mushrooms will be preserved longer than fresh mushrooms.

The effect of jade crane mushroom?  Why is Jade Crane Mushroom called amp;#34;herbal medicineamp;#34;  men's?  - first

Classification of pearl crane mushrooms:

– Male crane pearl mushroom: The body is pyramidal, the length ranges from 10-15 cm but also sometimes longer. Outside observation, the dark red-brown color is made up of countless tiny flower petals, covered with purple color outside, not open. This type of mushroom will have a milder and more fragrant aroma than the female.

– Female crane mushroom: The stem is smaller, the flower is big and long, similar to the young corn. The scent is there but little. The tubers are young and contain little fiber.

– Yellow intestine mushroom: The inner part is yellow and fragrant.

– Mushrooms with red and purple intestines: The intestines are red, some types are slightly purple. The length and diameter are smaller than that of the yellow gut fungus.

The effect of jade mushroom

According to Oriental medicine, jade crane mushroom is a sweet and warm medicine that has the effect of tonic kidney yang, laxative and convenient, often used to treat diseases such as impotence, spermatogenesis, back pain, knee fatigue, etc. asthenia, neurasthenia, gastritis, nephritis, haemorrhage due to primary thrombocytopenia (death), constipation in the elderly… in the form of alone or in combination with dialysis, earthworms, witches, and other medicines.

The health benefits of jade mushroom include:

– Treatment of physiological weakness, impotence

– Treatment of erectile dysfunction

– Replenishment, enhance health

– Longevity effect

– Restore health for women after giving birth

– Laxative, good for the digestive system

– Improve memory, especially in the elderly

– Reduce joint pain

In addition, jade crane mushroom is also used in beauty, skin care, treatment of melasma, freckles and prevention of anemia.

The effect of jade crane mushroom?  Why is Jade Crane Mushroom called amp;#34;herbal medicineamp;#34;  men's?  - 3

How to use jade mushroom

1. Color of drinking water

Sac 30 grams of jade crane with 1 liter of water, still 600 ml of drinking water during the day, can add honey for easy drinking.

2. Soak in alcohol to drink

– Ingredients and proportions: 1kg of fresh mushrooms, 200ml of wild honey soaked with 4 liters of good white wine, if soaked with glutinous wine, the better.

– How to soak: Mushrooms are washed with sandy soil and dried in water, then rinsed with white wine. Cut the mushroom in half lengthwise, for the tubers should be thinly sliced ​​so that the wine infuses more evenly and soaked with alcohol at the rate of 1Kg of mushrooms soaked in 4 liters of alcohol.

– Soak for 1 month to be used.

– Attention: Should choose a large-mouth bottle to soak, should be soaked with a glass or crockery to get the best wine.

Who should not use jade crane?

Many people wonder if jade mushroom is poisonous and if used daily, the body will experience any side effects or not. Currently, there is no evidence that in the jade crane mushroom there are toxins or any active substances that are harmful to health. However, not all subjects can use pearl crane mushrooms. Some medical conditions can be made worse by taking this fungus.

The effect of jade crane mushroom?  Why is Jade Crane Mushroom called amp;#34;herbal medicineamp;#34;  men's?  - 4

You should not use jade mushroom if you are experiencing the following problems:

– High blood pressure

– Have diseases of the digestive tract

– Being treated for cancer with radiation therapy

– Have a history of being allergic to jade mushroom or any other herbal combination in the remedy

– Decreased liver and kidney function.

Besides, the active ingredients in jade crane can interact with some modern medicines, herbs, foods or functional products. Ideally, you should consult a physician, doctor or other experienced professional before using.

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