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The father in Ho Chi Minh City exposed the preschool on a series of groups, the unexpected truth

When the child reaches school age, begins to take the first independent steps, everyone worries whether the child will be well taken care of, eat well. This concern is extremely understandable because every child is a parent’s treasure.

So recently, when a parent reported that their child was “starved” because the family forgot to bring milk (the child refused to eat in class) at a public preschool in Ho Chi Minh City, immediately received about hundreds of comments. Obviously, anyone who has a child in that situation is also sad, sorry, and outraged by the irresponsible behavior of the environment where the child is studying.

The father in Ho Chi Minh City

This dad gave two reasons:

– Why don’t you call your parents when it’s time to bring milk to mix for your baby to drink?

– The manager explained in a very roundabout way. Initially, it was thought that the family abstained from milk for the baby. Then I asked why I didn’t call the family, but the manager said that if 5 children forget, the school has to call all 5 children?

“I don’t feel secure to give my baby to an environment like this. Because from time to time, do parents forget that the child is hungry all day?”, the father shared. At the same time, this person also added that after talking for the second time, the school will pick up the child and return the file.”

Wrong parent or wrong school?

The father’s story immediately received many comments. Some parents think that in this case the school is somewhat indifferent because the teachers who take care of each child will know the characteristics of each child and know that this father’s children do not eat rice, only drink milk. It is unacceptable to starve students all day:”People often say “a teacher is like a good mother”, but what kind of mother would starve her child for a day like that. Parents are wrong, but the way this school handles this irresponsibly, no one will dare to hand over their children to this school in the future.”

The father in Ho Chi Minh City


Another stream of opinions said that the baby’s parents were the first to be wrong. Parents themselves forget to blame others. Besides, it is not good for the baby to be 2 years old but not eating anything but milk. The fact that the school lets a child fast all day is also somewhat absurd, because no one wants students to have health problems.

“Your children will forget to go to school tomorrow and forget their homework, notebooks, and bags? I’m a parent, I know that if my child doesn’t eat, I have to prepare milk carefully. Anyway, my child, I am the first to take care of myself. First and only, I tend to forget a lot, so I have 6 sets of clothes ready to change for the whole week (day/set).

Every night, I put 2 cartons of milk in my child’s backpack. Note the extra sheet of paper in the bag, remember to open it in the morning to see if there is any milk. However, there are days when I am too tired to forget. I have to go back to work to buy milk and send it to class for my baby. If I forget to call the teacher and answer the phone one day, I’m very happy because transferring money to ask her to buy and help me is a lot of work for me. It’s all my fault, I can’t blame anyone.”a parent shared.

What does the school say?

In response to the frustration of parents and comments on the post, the school said that, on the morning of April 21 (the day of the incident), when the teacher knew that the parent forgot to bring milk, the teacher waited for the father to bring it. After that, the school took milk for the baby to drink, took yogurt for the baby to eat (with the class camera saved) but the parents didn’t say a word of thanks, just made a fuss about why they didn’t call. Entering the office without listening to the teacher’s explanation, he banged the desk loudly and left (with full video recording). Plus, her grandmother worked with the school and understood everything.

The father in Ho Chi Minh City

“The baby has a hard time eating, the two of you worked very hard but the parents did not understand. Please attach a video and photo. If the owner thinks that the post is true, please leave this message for everyone to verify. Finally, I want to say that if the owner of the face knows everything but deliberately posts false information, there will be a law to solve it. Everyone who shares information should also carefully verify it.”the person added.

The father in Ho Chi Minh City

Photos of babies drinking milk and eating yogurt are shared.

It is known that this father has now deleted the “exploit” post on groups. cam-thi-cam-xe-vi-1-chi-tiet-bat-no-go-20220427122116402.chn

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