The head of the ward police station drove a car to force two robbers down in Can Tho

While driving a car, Captain Phan Minh Hung, Head of the Ward Police in Can Tho City, discovered two robbers robbed students’ bags, immediately drove and forced the robber’s car to fall.

The incident happened on the afternoon of April 27, on Le Hong Phong Street (Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City) in front of Tra An Secondary School.

At that time, Captain Phan Minh Hung, Chief of Police of An Nghiep ward (Ninh Kieu district) was driving a car, heading from Ninh Kieu district to O Mon district.

Captain Hung had just driven through the area of ​​Tra An Secondary School when he discovered two motorcyclists snatching the bag of a female student standing on the sidewalk. Captain Hung immediately drove the car to force the motorbike of the two men who had just robbed.

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Captain Hung drove a car and forced down the motorbike of the two robbers. Photo: CA

Captain Hung quickly got out of the car and controlled the robber Vu Thuong Dinh (42 years old, living in An Thoi ward, Binh Thuy district). The other is Nguyen Hong Tam (42 years old, living in An Nghiep ward, Ninh Kieu district) running away but was later arrested by the Tra An ward police.

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hai nghi pham dinh va tam tai cong an anh ca 11d5bee9215a4f8ca5efce376e252689
Two suspects Dinh and Tam at the police station. Photo: CA

The task force recovered the bag. Captain Hung’s car was damaged to the front. The police agency has temporarily detained 2 robbers and motorbikes as the means of crime, to serve the investigation.


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