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The record mark of the first Vietnamese electric car model after a year of sale

Order sales record right from the time of sale

March 24, 2021 is a memorable moment not only for VinFast but also for the Vietnamese auto industry when the Vietnamese automaker first announced that it received orders for the VF e34 pure electric car model. After only the first 12 hours since it was officially opened for sale, the number of orders for VF e34 has reached nearly 4,000. The number of car orders, especially online orders, is increasing day by day and created a big boom with more than 25,000 orders after 3 months. This is a record number of car orders that are rarely achieved by any car model in Vietnam. While at that time, the VF e34 was only introduced in the form of images and information, not a commercial production vehicle.

Looking to the world, the number of orders for the VF e34 is completely comparable to the best-selling electric car models in the US. For example, in the second quarter of 2021, when the VF e34 is also being sold, the best-selling electric car model in the US is more than 38,000 units, second is more than 26,000 units, and the third-ranked model is only sales of more than 11,000 units, according to statistics of Kelly Blue Book – an automobile research and car valuation company in the US.

This result has shown the great interest and confidence of Vietnamese consumers with the VF e34, and at the same time shows the potential of the VF e34 in particular and VinFast electric cars in general in the future.

The record for the number of great prizes

Not only receiving positive feedback from consumers, VF e34 is also highly appreciated by experts. In just one year, this model continuously received many great awards. The most recent example is the “Green” Car of the Year award and the Car of the Year award in the C-sized CUV segment… voted by the Jury Council from the two communities of Otosaigon and Otofun within the framework of the Car of the Year 2022 program. This is one of the most prestigious car awards in Vietnam with a judging panel made up of experts with many years of experience in the market.

The record mark of the first Vietnamese electric car model after a year of sale - Photo 1.

This achievement is a testament to the trust of Vietnamese customers in the green car model that owns a series of smart technologies such as a virtual assistant that interacts naturally in Vietnamese, tracking and managing the vehicle through a phone application. , a series of outstanding safety features compared to competitors in the same segment. At the award ceremony, Mr. Hoang Chi Trung, General Director of VinFast Trading Vietnam, shared that this award is a great encouragement for VinFast, and promises to make more efforts in bringing green car models. market in the near future.

Before that, VF e34 was also especially loved by the technology community in Vietnam when it won the first place in two categories including the most popular popular car under 1 billion with 27.5% of votes and Electric cars are the most anticipated with 49.1% of votes in the program Delicate Vote 2021. This program is organized by Tender – a famous technology forum in Vietnam.

Vietnam record with the journey to conquer the top of the country

In the memorable one-year journey of VF e34, it is impossible not to mention the historical milestone created by the community of pioneers who believed in VinFast electric cars. 111 VF e34 cars gathered to participate in the historic caravan with VF e34 to conquer the top of the country in early April 2022. Hundreds of VinFasters had a trip departing from Ha Long city to Sa Vi cape – the northeasternmost tip of Vietnam – in Mong Cai city (Quang Ninh) with a distance of nearly 200 km.

The record mark of the first Vietnamese electric car model after a year of sale - Photo 2.

Many historical moments have marked the hearts of hundreds of people. That’s when hundreds of cars lined up in a giant V shape, proudly standing on October 30 Square, right next to the pride of Vietnam – Ha Long Bay. That’s when the VinFast tram convoy crossed a distance of more than 200km, with many complicated winding terrains to reach the first point that created the S-shape of Vietnam’s strip of land.

The journey to conquer Sa Vi cape has been established by the Vietnam Record Organization as the largest electric car caravan in Vietnam. Not only in Vietnam, but in the world, there has never been any electric car caravan on such a large scale.

With more than 100 years of development history of the world automobile industry, 365 days is a very short period of time for an electric car model of a young Vietnamese car company. However, it is clear that VF e34 has been successful in conquering the hearts of users. With a green, smart car model and a growing user community, VF e34 is believed to create even more miracles, to truly create a green lifestyle and usher in the car era. electricity in Vietnam.

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