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This gourd soup is both delicious and rich in protein and calcium, everyone loves it in the summer

TS.BS.  Nguyen Trong Hung

Soup with shrimp is a very familiar dish of Vietnamese people, even in folklore there is a famous folk song to talk about the combination of this dish: “Shrimp beard cooked with pregnant intestines/Husband and wife are chubby. nodding in praise.”

Colonel, physician Bui Hong Minh – Oriental Medicine Association of Ba Dinh district, Hanoi said that the meaning of the above sentence not only speaks of the love between husband and wife in a family, but it also shows the quintessential combination of husband and wife. dishes, namely shrimp cooked with gourd.

“Why is gourd delicious only when cooked with shrimp, but not with fish, crab or snail? In fact, gourd can be combined with other foods, including crabs, snails, fish, meat… when cooked, it can still be used. However, it is tastier and sweeter when cooked with shrimp, just like jute vegetables are still the best when cooked with crab soup,” said physician Hong Minh.

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In terms of oriental medicine, shrimp combined with gourd is very suitable in terms of taste between the two foods.

In terms of oriental medicine, this combination mainly lies in the taste of two foods, when the taste matches it will promote the body to absorb as much nutritional value as possible. At the same time, it also increases the medicinal value of these two foods.

TS.BS Nguyen Trong Hung – National Institute of Nutrition said that shrimp cooked with gourd is a traditional dish and has been cooked by Vietnamese people since ancient times. Scientifically speaking, there are currently no studies that compare one combination of foods to being better than another. Therefore, it is difficult to answer the question: Is the combination with shrimp better or more nutritious than the combination with crab, fish…

“In food processing, in addition to balancing nutrition, we also need to respect traditional, cultural and regional factors. Therefore, the cooking process should not be too strange, because the dish must first be served to the majority, in other words, everyone can use it, not just eat it. .

In my opinion, when cooked, even though the dish is said to be diverse and nutritious, if only one person can eat it, it is a failure. Another note is that, no matter how combined, a scientific meal always needs to be balanced and diverse in groups of substances, “said Dr. Hung.

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Shrimp has a high protein and calcium content, combined with gourds with a lot of soluble fiber and vitamins.

Returning to the gourd shrimp soup, experts say that this is a quite nutritious dish when combined together. Specifically, in 100g of dried shrimp, there is nearly 70g of protein (higher than that of fresh shrimp), even the amount of protein in dried shrimp is higher than in lean beef and pork.

In addition, in dried shrimp, there are many other substances such as calcium, mineral salts, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. Therefore, this is a food with high nutritional value, very good for health.

Meanwhile, gourd is a fruit that provides a lot of vitamins such as B1, B2, PP, C… In addition, gourd has a very high soluble fiber content. Soluble fiber has the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease and keeping the heart healthy, helping the digestive system work better…

“When combining this dish, it is necessary to pay attention to reduce the amount of protein in the meal, because the protein source in shrimp is quite high. In addition, it is not advisable to abuse food because of delicious and nutritious food, because any food eaten in excess is not good for the body, “said physician Bui Hong Minh.

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