Unexpected information about the principal pawning the school’s red book

Before the news that a principal in Quang Binh took the school’s red book for mortgage and loan sharking, the local government in coordination with the police force conducted verification and clarification.

In recent days, public opinion in Quang Binh province has stirred up the fact that Mr. Mai Thanh Huyen, Mr. Principal Chau Hoa Primary School No. 2, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province took the school’s red book as a pledge. It is reported that Mr. Huyen is under pressure of personal debt and needs a large amount of money to repay the debt.

According to information reflected in the press, in June 2021, Mr. Thanh Huyen, Principal of Chau Hoa Primary School No. 2, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh brought the school’s certificate of land use right (LURC) into the school. City. Dong Hoi to pledge for 200 million dong.

By April 2022, he had to pay 500 million VND in both capital and interest to creditors.

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Authorities are verifying the information that the Principal took the school’s land use right certificate to pledge

The red book of Chau Hoa Primary School No. 2, which Mr. Huyen took as a pledge, covers an area of ​​4,780 m2, belonging to land plot No. 249, map sheet No. 18 in Lac Son village, Chau Hoa commune. This is the land of an education and training institution, with a long term of use, signed by the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province on November 27, 2017.

After the red book was brought back by Mr. Huyen, the People’s Committee of Chau Hoa Commune came to “borrow” to settle some issues related to land use planning, with a receipt dated April 18.

Before the noisy information above, talking to Youth Newspaper, Mr. Mai Thanh Huyen, Principal of Chau Hoa Primary School No. 2 (Chau Hoa Commune, Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province), denied the information that he had a book. The school’s red flag went to mortgage to borrow money, but public opinion has been buzzing since 2 days.

According to Mr. Huyen, he borrowed from a friend in Ho Chi Minh City. Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) some money to use for private purposes and do not understand why there is an unfavorable information flow as public opinion raised on their side. Mr. Huyen repeatedly affirmed to press reporters that the school’s red book has always remained at the school during the past time.

Regarding information that Chau Hoa Commune People’s Committee “borrowed” the school’s land use right certificate, Mr. Huyen confirmed yes and that it happened 2 weeks ago. “The commune said to borrow the red book to verify, measure and re-plan the local land area. I just know that. This morning (April 27), the commune returned the red book to the school.”Mr. Huyen said.

Regarding the incident, Mr. Huyen also said that this morning of April 27, he had a working session with the security forces of H. Tuyen Hoa Police and Chau Hoa Commune People’s Committee. According to Mr. Huyen, at this meeting, he denied that he had brought the red book and asked the authorities to restore his prestige.

In addition, talking to the press, Mr. Phan Huy Hoang, Chairman of Chau Hoa Commune People’s Committee, Tuyen Hoa District (Quang Binh), said that the commune authorities have coordinated with the police force to verify and do the work. It is clear that the principal of an elementary school in the area used the school’s red book as a mortgage.

“Through work, teacher Huyen said that he had a loan of hundreds of millions of dong, but he did not use the school’s red book as a pledge, but used the decision to appoint the principal to trust and borrow money.”Mr. Hoang information.

According to Mr. Hoang, on April 18, in order to serve the land planning work in the area, related to Chau Hoa 2 Primary School and some households around the school, cadastral officials Chau Hoa commune also proposed to borrow the red book of this school, now the red book has also been returned to the school.

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