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Vinamilk launches the Board of Directors for the term 2022

This is the meeting to end the term of the Board of Directors from 2017 to 2021, and to introduce members of the Board of Directors for the term 2022-2026 of Vinamilk.

2021 is the last year in the 5-year period 2017-2021, marking the 45th anniversary of the company’s establishment, Vinamilk was honored to receive the First-class Independence Medal, a noble award awarded by the Party and State.

During this period, Vinamilk achieved remarkable achievements such as: ranking 36th in the list of the world’s largest dairy companies in terms of revenue (according to Plimsoll, UK); The only representative of Southeast Asia to enter the Top 10 most valuable dairy brands in the world and the Top 5 strongest food brands in the world with a brand value of 2.4 billion USD (according to Brand Finance, UK). ).

In 2021, Vinamilk’s total consolidated revenue exceeded 60 trillion dong for the first time, reaching 61,012 billion dong, up 2.2% over the same period, of which net export revenue reached 6,128 billion dong, up 10.2 % over the same period and net sales of overseas subsidiaries reached VND 3,589 billion, up 11% over the same period.

The company also maintains a leading market share in many categories, continues to expand international markets, sales scale, distribution system, system of factories and farms, while pursuing development goals. sustainable development and social responsibility. This is a solid foundation for Vinamilk to prepare for the next 2022 – 2026 period.

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The General Meeting of Shareholders of Vinamilk in 2022 will take place in an online form.

Development goals in 2022

The company sets a target of total consolidated revenue for 2022 at 64,070 billion dong and pre-tax profit plan of 12,000 billion dong, equivalent to 105% and 93% respectively compared to 2021.

The company will continue to introduce new and quality products to consumers. The product premiumization strategy is still being implemented, with the orientation of adding not only nutritional values ​​but also added values ​​for consumers. consumption on each product.

Following the good growth momentum of 2021, Vinamilk will continue to expand its distribution system and invest in the Mo Mo Viet Milk channel (including a system of stores and online sales channels), which is expected to reach the 1,000 mark. stores in the next 2-3 years.

Vinamilk at the same time improved governance capacity and operational efficiency at member companies, coordinated to promote the implementation of key investment projects such as Hung Yen Dairy Factory, Beef Project, Project complex of Moc Chau Milk Paradise… according to the set schedule.

Launching the Board of Directors for the term 2022 – 2026

With a high consensus rate, the General Meeting approved Vinamilk’s Board of Directors for the term 2022-2026 including members: Mr. Alain Xavier Cany, Ms. Dang Thi Thu Ha, Mr. Do Le Hung, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Thach, Mr. Le Thanh Liem Mr. Lee Meng Tat, Ms. Mai Kieu Lien, Mr. Michael Chye Hin Fah, Mr. Nguyen Hanh Phuc and Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh.

With many years of experience in state management and business management, Mr. Nguyen Hanh Phuc was trusted and elected by the members of the Board of Directors to be the Chairman of Vinamilk’s Board of Directors for the term 2022-2026.

Ms. Mai Kieu Lien was appointed by the Board of Directors to hold the position of General Director for the term 2022-2026, continuing to lead Vinamilk to achieve achievements in the new development phase.

The Board of Directors also assigns the tasks of members to the Strategy, Audit, Human Resources and Compensation Committees of the Board of Directors.

Vinamilk launches the Board of Directors for the term 2022 - 2026 - February 2

In 2022, four strategic projects of Vinamilk will be promoted and implemented, creating a strong growth momentum for the five-year period from 2022-2026.

Key projects and strategic direction for the next 5 years

The strategic projects that Vinamilk, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, focus on promoting include: Beef breeding and processing project, in cooperation with Japan Sojitz Group; Moc Chau Milk Paradise Complex Project; Northern dairy factory complex project; The Lao-Jagro Dairy Farm Complex Project – Farm No. 1 with a scale of 8,000 cows will come into operation at the end of 2022.

In the long term, Vinamilk’s development strategy is directed towards 4 spearheads. Accordingly, the company focuses on developing superior products and experiences for consumers, continuing to consolidate its leading position in the market; speed up research and development of new products, aiming to serve comprehensive nutritional needs; puts the consumer experience at the heart of developing omnichannel outreach and distribution strategies.

In addition, promoting technology application and sustainable development, thereby improving the transparency and efficiency of exploitation and biodiversity of different types of cultivation, animal husbandry and exploitation; implementation of international standards on sustainable development, increased use of green energy, economy circulation, protecting water and soil resources.

Create new business opportunities through M&A, joint ventures, investment in start-up projects…, strengthen traditional export markets and shift to investment in local production; become a destination for talents, continue to build a corporate culture towards innovation and creativity, and build a working environment that attracts talents.

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Ms. Mai Kieu Lien on behalf of the Board of Directors expressed her deep gratitude for the contributions of Ms. Le Thi Bang Tam – former Chairman of Vinamilk’s Board of Directors – during the past 2 terms.

Prioritize sustainable development

Vinamilk continues to promote the practice of ESG (Environment-Society-Government) criteria, not only to be more resilient in a volatile period but also towards sustainable development in the long term. Vinamilk continues to pursue sustainable values ​​with 6 key aspects: Safety – product quality; Ensuring working conditions; Local economic development; Reducing greenhouse gas emissions; Waste Management and Animal Welfare; Commitment towards sustainable development goals and social responsibility.

In 2021, farms and factories must both organize production, prevent epidemics and ensure the health of employees. However, factories still responded well and did not interrupt production. The investment plan in machinery and equipment has been basically completed at all factories to increase the production capacity of key product lines, enough to meet the needs of the domestic market and expand exports. password.

The pandemic also affected Vinamilk’s dairy farming activities due to scarcity of input materials, high prices of animal feed, and difficulties in purchasing fresh milk due to prolonged social distancing. However, the raw milk material area is still growing, reaching 380,000 tons in 2021 – the highest ever. The total fishing herd recorded more than 160,000 heads.

In 2021, Vinamilk has installed solar energy on all farms and factories. Continue to promote the application of the circular economy, the application of high technology in parallel with sustainable development. Green Farm eco-farm system operates effectively, raising dairy cows in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

The digital transformation process is accelerated, continuing to improve and upgrade the systems to support administration, management and online working such as E-office, Digital signature.

Regarding corporate social responsibility, Vinamilk has contributed more than 60 billion VND including cash, products and other support to join hands with the Government and support the community to overcome the pandemic.

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