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Welcoming my sister-in-law like a queen for a whole week, but when she left, I fell into an unjust situation

April 27, 2022 11:27 GMT+7

I am terribly angry with my sister-in-law. How could she treat me like that?

My sister-in-law and I are not close friends. Together as a bride, her husband’s parents seem to love me more, so she doesn’t like me. My sister-in-law also told everyone that I was a fake person, living to please my husband’s parents for the sake of property.

Last week, suddenly my sister-in-law came to my house to stay at my house. At that time, seeing her crying and swollen eyes, telling husband and wife to quarrel, my brother-in-law got angry and smashed things. She was angry with her husband but did not dare to return to her mother’s house for fear of worrying about her parents. Feeling guilty, I told my sister-in-law to stay at my house, when the couple got along, they could go home.

For a week at my house, my sister-in-law only ate and slept, not touching the house. When I got home from work, I had to clean up her things, eat and drink, and make a mess. I was so exhausted that I asked my husband to call my brother and tell him to come pick up his wife for him. My brother-in-law happily came to pick up his wife, thanking me and my wife. The sister-in-law also happily followed her husband back. I thought that would be all right.

Unexpectedly, last weekend, my husband and I went to my husband’s house to play and saw that my wife and sister-in-law were there. My mother-in-law called me in to talk, her voice angry. She asked why I scolded my husband, looked down on him and then mocked both his parents-in-law for not knowing how to teach a son?

I wonder who said these things? Mother-in-law said it was told by her sister-in-law. If my sister-in-law didn’t come to my house for a week, how would she know that I was so fierce and fierce?

I bitterly looked at my sister-in-law. It is true that in that one week, my wife and I had an argument with each other. I was so angry that I uttered some incorrect words. But that’s my husband and I’s private story, why would my sister-in-law go around telling stories like that? I’ve been allowed to stay, what’s the point of creating more market for me?

Now I’m hated by my husband’s family. And the sister-in-law has become an honest and straightforward person in the eyes of everyone. Feeling cold is uncomfortable. Should I get angry at my sister-in-law?


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