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What causes children to grind their teeth at night?

Stress, constant anxiety or misaligned bite are the causes that cause babies to grind their teeth at night.

Teeth grinding occurs when we press the upper or lower jaw and move the teeth together. According to the Nemours Children’s Health System (USA), an estimated 2 to 3 children grind their teeth. Teeth grinding most commonly occurs when a child is sleeping and in some cases can occur during the day. Many studies have shown that boys are more likely to suffer from bruxism than girls. Here are the common causes of teeth grinding in children.


Stress seems to be closely linked with bruxism during sleep. A study of toddlers found that those who faced stressful events were more likely to develop bruxism during sleep. For school-age children, bruxism can be as much a way of coping with stress as doing homework, doing chores, and getting good grades.

Feelings of anxiety

Children who are naturally restless and worry more about doing well in school are more likely to develop bruxism. While symptoms can progress over time as children develop, toddlers are more likely to develop sleep bruxism in elementary school, according to the scientists.

Bite misalignment

When the upper and lower teeth are misaligned or not aligned, it will make it difficult to close the two teeth that fit together. By reflex, the two teeth will tend to rub against each other, causing the child to grind their teeth while sleeping. Studies have shown that there is a close relationship between malocclusion and teeth grinding. About 12.75% of children have both problems.

Babies grind their teeth due to many reasons such as negative emotions or feelings of anxiety.  Photo: Freepik

Babies grind their teeth due to many reasons such as negative emotions or feelings of anxiety. Image: Freepik

Dangers and ways to treat teeth grinding in children

In most cases, teeth grinding is not dangerous. According to Verywell Family, teeth grinding occurs in children under 6 years of age and tends to disappear as they mature. However, teeth grinding can increase the risk of broken teeth, receding gums or temporomandibular joint disorders and disrupt sleep because of the sounds made when grinding.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, bruxism is closely related to sleep quality. Parents can improve their child’s sleep by making sure their room is dark and quiet, limiting the time kids spend on electronic devices, and providing them with a nutritious, low-sugar diet.

In addition, parents can also build children with gentle activities before going to bed, such as: having a nutritious snack before going to bed, brushing teeth, taking a warm bath, talking with the baby, … To soothe sore teeth and jaws, apply cold or heat packs and encourage your child to drink fluids, avoid hard foods and gum.

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