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Yuna (ITZY) reveals an alarmingly thin body

So far, weight suppression has become a painful problem in Korean showbiz, especially with female idols. They have to force themselves on a strict diet and strenuous exercise to keep their body as thin as possible on screen.

Recently, the youngest member of the ITZY family – Yuna made fans extremely worried when revealing her slender body and bare ribs during the group’s fan meeting. Looking at these images of female idols, many people feel pity.

Yuna’s alarmingly thin body (ITZY)

Yuna is known as the “new body god of Kpop”. The 19-year-old female idol has a height of 1m72, a slim and attractive body with 3 perfect rings. In particular, the 2nd round of the youngest ITZY’s ant has caused many storms on social networks because it is so perfect and toned, creating a clear hourglass shape.

In December 2021, the female idol revealed that she is 1m72 tall and weighs 46.8kg – too much less than the standard weight. A series of moments when Yuna revealed her thin ribs on stage made fans worried. The female idol’s ribs are even more obvious when she wears a short crop top and dances on stage.

There are also many opinions in favor of female idols, saying that this choreography will make many idols show their ribs, not just Yuna. Besides, fans also think that Yuna has a slim body, a natural small waist but is not thin because she used to be an athlete.

1 JYP female idol revealed an alarmingly thin body that caused controversy among netizens!  - Photo 3.
1 JYP female idol revealed an alarmingly thin body that caused controversy among netizens!  - Photo 4.

Yuna’s rib waist is causing controversy

Netizen also defended Yuna:

-Looks at the picture, it looks really alarming but this clip looks normal, I’m over 50 pounds and still showing my ribs

-It’s just her body type and the stretching movement that makes her look like that, but it’s not like she’s fasting, everyone, fans never have to worry about food because she eats well!

– It’s good to take pictures but you’re too skinny, eat more!

-It seems that because of focusing on the waist too much, it seems normal elsewhere!

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