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Admits mistakes, but the unfaithful husband does not expect his wife’s punishment

In the video that is being shared on Chinese social networks, the wife is taking out her phone to record, laughing happily when she sees her husband wearing a pink women’s bra, his forehead is plastered with tampons, kneeling on two pieces of durian skin.

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According to The Sun, this is a punishment of the wife for her “unfaithful” husband after discovering he was texting back and forth with many other women online. Meanwhile, the husband was crying, both because of pain and because of shame.

“I admit I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have sent sensitive images to other people via Wechat, nor should I have asked them to talk,” the husband said. When asked by his wife who he was in contact with, the husband replied: “I have chatted with some girls and also said things not to say.” The wife now gloatedly declared: “That’s the reason why you became like this, isn’t it?”.

After a while, the husband grimaced and begged his wife to forgive him because he couldn’t bear to kneel on the thorny durian shell. The end of the video is the scene where the husband cries in pain at his wife’s cruel punishment.

1. Feelings fluttering in front of someone

This feeling can arise from an online conversation or a seemingly simple friendship at work. It can even start from thinking about comparing your partner to your spouse.

Not only that, you start sharing private information and talking about your relationship problems to seek advice from your partner. These symptoms sound harmless, but are actually especially dangerous because they will lead to physical infidelity and deception in the long run.

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2. Adultery without sex when thinking of betraying the other half

Betrayal is one of the most common causes of the breakup of couples today. Many people often have thoughts of betraying their partner if they have had physical contact with another person.

The idea of ​​betrayal also manifests in the fact that you do not want your partner to break or interfere with the relationship outside. You even try to make it purer.

3. Being too close with friends of the opposite sex

Heterosexual friendships also have the potential to break up a marriage. That’s when you are attracted and care so much about your friends that you forget about your spouse’s feelings.

In fact, a good friend respects all the important relationships around you, especially your family and loved ones. They always want your love story to be positive and good.

4. View sensitive pictures sent by others

This form of non-sex infidelity begins with visual contact. The target is usually someone you know or maybe someone you’ve never met. However, the strong development of the Internet also greatly affects the infidelity of couples.

For example, online pornography, group chat rooms have caused many people to feel unsatisfied in their marriages. Not only that, it also makes it easy for us to think that visual adultery is not serious because it does not involve the body.

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