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Album Journey to the mind

Gigi Huong Giang – Ho Ngoc Ha’s former student at The Voice – returns to Vpop as an exclusive artist of The BROS Entertainment. The female singer’s team “played big”, when preparing for more than a year to release a full studio album, instead of producing an MV or single – a safe, low-cost and capable option. higher success – as most singers are in the process of forming a name in Vpop.

Album Travel to the mind - GiGi Huong Giang's

Love yourself – love message of GiGi Huong Giang

GiGi Huong Giang’s move is worth noting, when studio albums only appear “drip” year by year in the Vietnamese music market. Album Journey to the Mind is 7 songs composed by GiGi Huong Giang. Each word, the story in it is the interior of the female singer herself. Band Watercolor, Kent Tran and Nimbia are in charge of music production for the album.

7 songs are 7 emotional levels, linked together according to GiGi Huong Giang’s daily thoughts about love – not only about the love of boys and girls, but love about everything in life. The story of the album Journey to the Mind can be considered as the growth of GiGi Huong Giang, because through each song, the female singer’s vision becomes more mature, multidimensional and deeper.

GiGi Huong Giang wrote Xinh in the early days of groping. She thought to herself, with: “Short, pretty hair / Curved lips make anyone swoon / Floating like a cloud / Not shimmering full of makeup / Still pretty with rosy cheeks”. That girl, pretty, and still standing alone. But it doesn’t matter, because a woman should first love herself, and tell herself, to be stronger when standing alone.

Album Travel to the mind - GiGi Huong Giang's

Until Forever, no one loved her, the girl saw the person she loved, but it turned out to be just one-sided love. The girl continues to travel into the mind to think about her own love. What the girl wants is unusual love, “Not date afternoons / Candle romances”, but “When we quarrel, tears in our eyes / Not eager, don’t want to go home / It hurts more The more love lingers / The more you are separated, the more you miss”.

What I see brings GiGi Huong Giang back to her original emotional circuit, is to remind herself of everything she’s been through. Accept life, have smiles and tears, that’s the rule. Take control of your own life, make everything yours, happy or sad.

One day, GiGi Huong Giang woke up, the first thing that entered her eyes was a dried flower branch. She titled the most recently composed song on the album. The dried flower is something that will stay there for a long time, not growing and can not wither anymore. GiGi Huong Giang wants to have love like a dried flower, which will forever exist there.

The singer again pondered about life in vain thoughts. Next, the ending of the album – the song My World – is GiGi Huong Giang’s belief about always smiling, thinking positively, loving yourself and one day “the world” will find itself.

Album Travel to the mind - GiGi Huong Giang's

Quality music

Producers Long Nguyen and Kent Tran are in charge of producing music for the album Journey to the Mind. In it, Kent Tran produced Pretty, Wandering and My World. The remaining three songs, No one loves me forever, What do you see and Dried flower branch produced by Long Nguyen. In addition, the appearance of Nimbia and K-ICM in 2 of the 3 mixes of the title song is an interesting highlight.

Pop is the color throughout the album, but the crew mixes a variety of different genres of music to create a different “spice” in the seven songs. It’s ballad, disco, Rn’b, electronic music… And the transformation of music genres creates an emotional product, leading the listener through each level, but still ensuring the sound color. homogenous music of the album Journey to the Mind.

Pretty, the opening song is “chill-out”, with a slow tempo, deep space, No one ever loves me with an alternative rock direction that shifts listeners’ emotions to a more exhilarating level. With the bossa nova of “Travel to the Mind”, GiGi Huong Giang brings the audience into the music that floats like a dream.

Emotions continue to settle in 2 ballad songs, What do you see and Dried flower branch. The rn’b substance of Vulture changes the mood in a much more exciting direction. And the disco, retro pop color in the ending song, My World, is the ending to remove sadness, look to the future with more hope.

The presence of the band Watercolor is an important factor that makes the musical depth of the album Journey to the Mind. The album was recorded live-band directly in remixes, different from the usual practice of most studio albums on the Vietnamese music market. Listening to the album Journey to the Mind is like enjoying the live performance of GiGi Huong Giang. The difference is that 7 songs have passed the mastering stage and have full sound quality.

Album Journey to the mind - GiGi Huong Giang's

GiGi Huong Giang’s voice is clearly improved compared to herself when she auditioned for The Voice

Singing on live-band music is a completely different story than a regular mix. But GiGi Huong Giang’s good control, release, word break, vibration, vocal harmony and emotional regulation are just right in the spirit of the mix.

GiGi Huong Giang composed the whole album herself, which is commendable. On the face of a young singer, GiGi’s way of composing is also different, when it’s still the theme of love, but she doesn’t emphasize the clutter, “drama” to attract attention, but she delves deeply into her inner self to Peel off each slice when falling in love. The way GiGi Huong Giang wants to become a “dry flower” in love is the highlight of the words the female singer has penned.

The album Journey to the Mind is a bright spot about the thoughtfulness, daring to break through and even the risk of a rare young vocalist who accepts a large investment in album production. But that breakthrough can make it difficult for 7 songs to reach young audiences, including the title song “Travel into the Mind”.

Aimlessly, My World is probably the two most accessible songs, with catchy, vibrant melody lines and accessible lyrics. Meanwhile, Nobody Loves Me Forever, Travel Into My Mind, What You See, and Dried Flower Branches are songs that are not easy to absorb, but it will be difficult to separate once you empathize with the feelings and the story. by GiGi Huong Giang.

Album Journey to the mind - GiGi Huong Giang's

The 9x vocalist once missed the “golden” opportunity to make a turning point in his career. At that time, GiGi came out from The Voice, which was a great launching pad for young vocalists to enter the market. Ho Ngoc Ha herself also expressed her regret when GiGi Huong Giang decided not to “Nam Tien”, leading to the singer’s career there was a big gap between the two milestones of The Voice 2012 and the release of her first album.

It is not known how strong the spread of the album Journey to the Mind will be. But GiGi Huong Giang has had its own achievements, a complete, different and “rich GiGi Huong Giang” album.

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