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Amber Heard is not a “victim of domestic violence”

With Johnny DeppAmber Heard, the jury and everyone else in the packed Virginia courtroom watching video screens, LAPD officer Melissa Saenz bluntly said, “I do not identify her (Heard) as a victim of domestic violence.” family”.

Under questioning by the defense team, Melissa Saenz details her experience entering and observing the couple’s home on South Broadway at approximately 9 p.m. PT, May 21, 2016. At the conclusion of that brief visit, Officer Saenz did not file a report but cited the incident as “closed” because in her view there was no crime.

Amber Heard is not a

In the pre-recorded video, Saenz admits that neither she nor her partner took notes or took any photos of the call to Depp-Heard’s home at the time. She also admitted Heard was “red in the eye”, “crying”, his face was red and he didn’t make eye contact when they arrived. While she said she didn’t know who the residents were, LAPD staff said she was “impressed” by the penthouse and realized it belonged to someone wealthy. It’s also worth noting that in Depp’s failed 2020 libel lawsuit against UK newspaper The Sun, Saenz’s testimony was pretty much sidelined for lack of notes, photos and assumptions about the cause. Heard’s facial condition.

An elevator video showing two police officers leaving the penthouse caused some friction between Heard and Saenz’s attorneys in 2021 and later denied that she told her partner “something.” That’s crazy.”

Both Saenz and her internment partner, Officer Tyler Hadden, laid out the terms of Depp and Herd’s 2016 divorce proceedings about what they saw and deduced while at the couple’s residence. sometime on May 21, 2016.

In that July 2016, just two months after the incident at Depp and Heard’s home, Saenz said she “interviewed Miss Heard and” thoroughly examined her face and found no marks or swelling. or any wound on her face.” Six years ago, Saenz said that Heard “told her she wasn’t hurt, and that Miss Heard didn’t complain to Mr. Depp either”.

Also during the trial on April 27, forensic psychologist Shannon Curry said she provided Heard with a test that gave her 567 questions to which she had to answer either true or false. Curry went on to say that others with scores similar to Heard showed traits such as external blame, internal anger, and hostility. She told the court that people with borderline disorder “can react violently, they can react violently”.

A few years after the couple’s public divorce and injunction in 2016, Depp often said he was the victim of domestic abuse in his relationship with Heard, not the other way around.

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