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“Asia’s first beauty” is beautiful at the age of fifties because she is determined… not to get married-Beauty

Thursday, April 28, 2022 06:25 AM (GMT+7)

Vuong To Hien is still a beauty icon even at the age of U60.

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The beauty of Vuong To Hien in his youth.

Vuong To Hien (born in 1967) is considered one of the beauties of the Chinese-language entertainment industry in the 80s-90s of the last century. In her youth, her perfect beauty, both sweet and classic, transcended national boundaries and became famous throughout Asia. That is also the reason why people call her “the first beauty of Asia”. Movies associated with her name such as “Soulful Thien Nu”, “Thanh Xa”, “Du Yuan Jing”…

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Vuong To Hien is known as a great beauty with rare beauty.

Live happily and optimistically in a foreign country

To learn the secret of Vuong To Hien’s enduring beauty maintenance over time, many articles have asked for an interview with her. But in general, she said, she herself has such a shape, partly because of her location, partly because Vuong To Hien rarely pays attention to what public opinion or other people think about her, she does not care about the opinions of others. Other people’s opinions and criticisms affect their own mood. After nearly 20 years of settling in Canada, Vuong To Hien enjoys an optimistic, happy and self-loving life.

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At 55 years old, she is still very young and beautiful.

Vegetarian for many years

Eating and drinking greatly affects the youthfulness and health of her skin and body. The beauty has been a vegetarian for many years. Vuong To Hien only eats green vegetables, a little starch and mainly drinks vegetable, tuber and fruit juice. Vegetarian food not only provides nutrition to help this beauty have a healthy body, but also has many beauty benefits. Skin care, limiting excess fat and fighting aging agents are the effects that vegetarianism brings.

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Vegetarianism helps her to keep her slim figure and beautiful skin.

Pioneering in the beauty movement thanks to… being single

She also shared that one of her secrets is to be at peace with her current single life. Vuong To Hien confessed that he didn’t care about love: “I don’t date anyone, now and in the future.” Or she once declared: “I never thought of getting married. Marriage needs to meet a person with a high spiritual consensus. There are many people who can’t meet in this life, so then It is better not to hope because the more you hope, the more disappointed you will be.”

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After a few noisy love affairs in his youth, Vuong To Hien is now happily choosing a single life.

Exercise regularly every day

Vuong To Hien shared, she always exercises at least 30 minutes a day. It can be jogging, walking or doing gentle exercises, suitable for your fitness and age.

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Regular exercise is the reason for this beauty to maintain her youthful and persistent physique.

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