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Binh Duong specialties heard the name “smelly” but did not expect everyone to eat it and love it

Coming to Binh Duong, everyone is probably recommended by the locals for many specialties here. Besides dishes such as beo bread, mangosteen chicken salad, grilled beef with fish fat, … visitors definitely cannot miss the beef hot pot dipped in fish sauce.

Beef hot pot dipped in fish sauce is a typical dish of Binh Duong. With the rich flavor of fish sauce and the aroma of lemongrass and fat, a pot of beef hot pot dipped in fish sauce will surprise visitors by its extremely new taste. Especially in cold weather, this dish is even more suitable.

Binh Duong specialties thought they were

Beef hotpot dipped in fish sauce is indispensable with a plate of delicious fresh beef and dipped vegetables

The highlight of this dish is the fish sauce and broth that are seasoned to taste and eaten with vermicelli, vegetables, beef, and broth. At first hearing the name, many people often think that this hot pot must be “smelly” because of the ingredients of fish sauce, but just taste it, you will feel different. Beef hot pot has a rich broth, smells of fish sauce but not too strong, has the softness, sweetness, and fatness of the fat and ingredients from lemongrass, garlic, and the mild spicy of minced chili.

Especially not afraid of being haunted by the smell of fish sauce. The fish sauce in the hot pot is prepared to taste, not afraid of salty or too pungent smell.

Binh Duong specialties heard the name

The broth just brought out has a strong aroma of fish sauce

Hot pot sauce is cooked from fat, bacon, lemongrass, mildly spicy satay, fish sauce. Comes with hot pot indispensable fresh beef, not American beef or bacon, but young beef is the most standard meat to use with hot pot along with tough, soft and sweet meat that is enough to attract any guest. any.

When customers order, the restaurants start to cut the beef, put it on a plate and then marinate it, the piece of meat brought to the table is soft and not dry. Each hot pot has a small pot of broth, a plate of thinly sliced ​​beef that is still pink, a large basket of vegetables of all kinds including morning glory, bitter greens, gooseberries and black rice, a plate of small vermicelli noodles and a thick sauce mixed with fish sauce and meat dipping sauce. cow. These vegetables all contribute to the rich and unique flavor of this dish.

Binh Duong specialties heard the name

Beef dip cooked just right until soft and then dipped with fish sauce

When the hot pot boils, diners put thinly sliced ​​beef into the pot, wait for the meat to be cooked, then take it out to use hot, the meat is sweet and full of spices. Where to eat, diners dip beef and vegetables there so that the meat is soft, served with green, crispy and sweet vegetables. Eating beef hot pot dipped in fish sauce, you will feel the freshness of the ingredients. Perhaps this is also the point that attracts diners to come back to enjoy this dish again and again.

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