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Blinded eyes, burning whole body due to phone charging

April 28, 2022 14:21 GMT+7

Information from the Department of Ophthalmology – Bach Mai Hospital said that it has just received and treated a 23-year-old male patient who lost his vision, burned his whole body and damaged many organs because of an accident caused by using a mobile phone while working. charging.

The patient was admitted to the hospital in an unconscious state, his whole body scorched and many injuries.

The patient is a young man named T. of ethnic minority group, currently working as a construction worker in Hanoi. Through the accounts of relatives, doctors know: That evening, when everyone was watching TV outside the living room, suddenly heard a loud explosion coming from the patient’s private room, the whole family rushed in and saw T. was unconscious and his whole body was on fire. When the patient received first aid and regained consciousness, there was a sharing that the phone was used while charging, so the phone exploded.

Blinded eyes, burning whole body due to phone charging
Patient T. is being treated at Bach Mai Hospital

The family took the patient to Viet Duc Hospital for emergency treatment and removed many foreign bodies on the body. However, because the patient’s eyes could not see anything, the patient was transferred to the Department of Ophthalmology – Bach Mai Hospital for treatment.

Through examination, the doctors discovered a lot of foreign bodies in the eye: Corneal and intraocular foreign bodies causing cataracts and retinal detachment. The patient is indicated for surgery to remove corneal, intraocular and vitreous bodies.

According to the doctors of Bach Mai Hospital, the patient’s ability to restore vision is very low, the risk of blindness is high, and the patient’s ability to work is lost. In addition to the eye, the patient’s left hand was also broken and had to be treated with a nail brace, perforated the eardrums on both sides and removed many glass foreign bodies on the face.

Accidents caused by exploding phones while charging, causing amputations and facial burns have been warned a lot but still happen.

The unfortunate case of T. has set off alarm bells reminding everyone not to use the phone while it’s charging to avoid an unfortunate incident.

N. Huyen

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