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Covid-19: Beijing takes urgent action, the number of cases in Shanghai is decreasing

Reuters said most of Beijing’s 22 million residents are ready for the mass Covid-19 test. On April 28, the Chinese capital government closed some public spaces and stepped up inspections at other locations.

This week, Beijing launched three batches of Covid-19 testing in several districts, and locked down residential areas, offices and a university after recording new Covid-19 cases.

Universal Studios super theme park in Beijing on the evening of April 27 announced that it will require visitors to present a negative test for Covid-19 if they want to enter here. Across the capital, Covid-19 positive cases were found among the first nearly 20 million mass testing samples. On April 28 alone, Beijing reported 50 new cases of Covid-19, up from 34 cases a day earlier. Since April 22, Beijing has recorded more than 160 cases of Covid-19, including more than half from the capital’s most populous Chaoyang district.

The fear of blockade covers, Beijing takes urgent action - Photo 1.

Passengers wear face masks at a bus stop in Beijing on April 28. Photo: Reuters

So far, Beijing has tried to avoid disrupting the economy, allowing residents to go to work unless a case of Covid-19 is detected and a local lockdown is required. However, this political center of China is looking to avoid the blockade order like Shanghai.

When the latest Covid-19 outbreak hit Shanghai, it recorded just under 100 cases a day from March 1 to March 10. But then, the number of cases doubled and increased sharply to more than 700 cases on March 20. By the end of March, Shanghai saw thousands of Covid-19 cases, leading to a blockade across the city of 25 million residents.

However, on April 27, the number of asymptomatic Covid-19 cases in Shanghai fell to 9,330 cases, equivalent to 22% from a day earlier and also the lowest level in the past 24 days. The city is focusing on vaccination against Covid-19 for age groups, especially the elderly, and may relax restrictions in the near future.

The fear of the blockade covered, Beijing took urgent action - Photo 2.

Covid-19 vaccination for the elderly in Shanghai on April 21. Photo: Reuters

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