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Curves than racetracks-Fashion

Thursday, April 28, 2022 11:45 AM (GMT+7)

She is a contestant who attracts attention at the contest when she has a healthy beauty and high education.

Female lecturer attracts attention at Miss Sports Vietnam: Curves are better than the track - 1

The female master showed off her sexy and toned body with a 2-piece swimsuit.

Le Phuong Thao holds a Master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management from Regent’s University London (UK). She was one of the top students at Regent’s University London 2017, was the best student and spoke at the University of Portsmouth graduation ceremony 2016. She won the award for inspiring young people in the field of environment. School awarded by an international consortium. Currently, she is a project manager of a real estate company and a visiting lecturer at the University of Economics and Finance in Ho Chi Minh City.

Phuong Thao used to work in the UK as a waiter, a marketer, an employee for a fashion brand… to cover living expenses. She wants her journey of training and striving to inspire at Miss Vietnam Sports 2022. “The beauty crown and my inspirational story are the biggest motivation for me to register and work hard at Miss Fitness Vietnam. Registering at the contest is an opportunity for me to discover and break my own limits. My goal is to win the crown.” she said.

Thai Binh countryside beauty is 1.72 m tall, measuring three rounds 85-60-92 cm. To achieve this number, in addition to working out in the gym, she eats protein from chicken breast, eggs, and adds a variety of vegetables in her meal such as cauliflower, okra, and carrots. In addition, she also eats a variety of fruits, which help her body not lose water, enough strength to exercise but still ensure beautiful skin and enough nutrients.

Phuong Thao said that even when going to work or going out, she still keeps the habit of cooking her own food to control her calorie intake. She usually goes to bed early and wakes up around 6-7am. According to her, getting enough sleep is very important when losing weight. Before starting the day, she usually warms up with some gentle yoga movements.

Female lecturer attracts attention at Miss Sports Vietnam: Curves are better than the track - 3

Forming healthy living habits helps Phuong Thao have a sexy body.

Phuong Thao has healthy brown skin. Every day, she sunbathes from early morning to 8-9am and afternoon from 16-17h to brown skin, healthy shine. When drying, she applies sunscreen and tanning oil. After each exposure to the sun, she applies a cooling cream. At night, she uses a cream for brown skin. She wants to be different.

Before competing in Miss Sports Vietnam, Phuong Thao was in the top 45 of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019. To prepare for this contest, she practiced catwalks, exercised, and studied foreign languages ​​for many months. The beauty was commented by the audience as ‘makeover’ in appearance and charisma compared to the time when she participated in the beauty contest three years ago.

Three years of experience as a photo model, but Phuong Thao said it is normal for her to fail at the top at Miss Sports Vietnam. “Everything is timed. I can only say, at this point, I’m sure of my ability. And getting to the top and winning the crown depends on whether the organizers are looking for you or not? Are you worthy? Those are factors I can’t control.”she said.

Female lecturer attracts attention at Miss Sports Vietnam: Curves are better than the track - 4

Close-up of Phuong Thao’s beautiful and healthy beauty in the spirit of Miss Vietnam Sports 2022.

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