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Determining the cause of two students’ deaths by the stream

Accordingly, on the evening of April 27, when people returned from work in the fields, they discovered that there were 2 cars on the bank of San Thang stream in the border area between San Thang commune (Lai Chau city) and Ta Leng commune (Tam Duong district). electric bicycles, clothes, slippers and two children’s bodies in the stream.

Determining the cause of two 7th graders who died by the stream - Photo 1.

The bodies of the two victims were discovered by locals by the stream.

Through verification, the victims are Nguyen Tuan N’s grandchildren, residing in Moi village, San Thang commune and Pham Duc A, living in group 26, Dong Phong ward (all 7th grade students, Dong Phong Middle School, Lai Chau city). ).

On the afternoon of April 27, the children invited each other to take a bath in the stream, when they arrived, one of them did not know how to swim, jumped into the stream and showed signs of drowning, a child on the shore jumped to save them, leading to both deaths.

Currently, the authorities have supported to bring the bodies of the victims back to their families to take care of the aftermath, and have organized visits and encouragement…

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