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Falling in love with a married female colleague

My female colleague and I became close after an incident. For the past three months, the two have been texting back and forth every day.

We confide all kinds of stories, from life to work, many days texting until midnight. However, that person never shared with me about family and marriage. I found out that your husband works far away, you leave the divorce status on social networks for a long time, in real life always act normal.

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I have special feelings for you but I don’t know what you think of me. I do not speak, nor do I want to contact you anymore. The more contact, the greater my affection. I don’t know what you think of me, but unfortunately destroying someone’s family, I am very sorry. You already have a baby. I actively stopped contacting, but you texted me and then went on a hike together. I want to get out of this. It is impossible for me to have close friendships between men and women. I don’t know what to do, hope readers help.


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