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Fighting until noon April 28: Ukraine says Russia ‘provocative’ in Transnistria

Concerns about Transnistria continue to increase after Ukraine said Russia was “provocative” in the breakaway region, following a series of explosions in recent days.

Ukraine is concerned about the breakaway region of Moldova

Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, told Ukrainian television on April 27: “We have always considered Transnistria as a springboard from which there can be some risks for us, for the Odesa regions and Vinnytsia”. He said Russia has an army of about 1,500-2,000 people in Transnistria, of which there are only 500-600 Russians.

Fighting until noon on April 28: Ukraine says Russia is 'provocative' in Transnistria - photo 1

Soldiers during a military parade in Transnistria.

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But he also believes that most people in Transnistria have assimilated into Moldova as well as Europe. Therefore, for Transnistria, “engagement in the Ukraine conflict would practically mean isolation and total destruction of the region,” noted Podoliak.

The adviser to the Ukrainian president also believes that through this week’s incidents in Transnistria, Russia is trying to “provoke” Ukraine.

Roman Kostenko, a member of Ukraine’s parliament from Odesaa, said Transnistria does not pose a strategic threat to Ukraine.

Russia has not commented on these claims, but previously Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko said Russia was “concerned” about the recent series of explosions in Transnitria. He said Russia “wants to avoid a scenario” in which Transnistria is drawn into conflict. According to Rudenko, the explosions showed that “certain forces” were behind and wanted to create “another focal point of tension in Europe”.

Russian newspapers say Ukraine fired missiles at Kherson; the situation of Azovstal is perilous

US House of Representatives calls for the sale of assets of Russian billionaires to aid Ukraine

The US House of Representatives on April 27 passed a resolution calling on the President to Joe Biden sell frozen assets of Russian oligarchs and use the money to support Ukraine in military and humanitarian issues.

A yacht owned by Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg was confiscated in Spain.


The resolution is non-binding, but its passage by 417 votes to 8 against reflects the bipartisan desire of the US Congress that Mr Biden needs to take more drastic action against Russia.

The United States and its European allies are still pondering what to do with the assets of Russian billionaires that have been confiscated by their governments because of Russia’s military deployment to Ukraine.

Ukraine, US discuss the use of frozen Russian assets

Security Council UN meets on war crimes in Ukraine

The Security Council held an informal meeting to discuss efforts to gather evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. According to diplomats, gathering evidence is an important first step in the process of litigation and accountability.

Mr. Karim Khan, Chief Prosecutor of the Court Criminal sentence The International Court of Justice (ICC), said at the meeting that 43 countries have brought the situation of Ukraine to the ICC, and the court for the first time participated in the joint investigation together with Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania.

Mr. Karim Khan (left) arrives at a place in Bucha, Ukraine on April 13.


“This is the moment where we need to mobilize the law and bring it to the battle,” Khan said. “Not on the side of Ukraine against the Russian Federation, or with the Russian Federation against Ukraine, but on the side of humanity.”

Mr. Khan affirmed that the court was independent and impartial and called on Russia to cooperate with the court. However, he said many of the ICC’s attempts to contact Moscow went unanswered.

Also at the meeting, Russian representative Sergey Leonidchenko, a senior adviser to Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, said Moscow would achieve its goal of “de-fascistizing Ukraine” and that those who committed crimes would be punished, according to the agency. TASS news. He accused Ukraine of setting up a “secret torture facility” at Mariupol airport, which Kyiv authorities call a “library”, since 2014.

Quick view: Russia-Ukraine war on the 63rd day

Russian media: Kherson region switched to ruble from May 1

According to the RIA-Novosti news agency, the Kherson region of Ukraine, which Russia has claimed to have complete control over, will switch to using rubles in transactions starting May 1. The transition is expected to take four months, during which the Ukrainian hryvnia and the Russian ruble will be used simultaneously.

Fighting until noon on April 28: Ukraine says Russia is 'provocative' in Transnistria - photo 4

Russian tanks move in Crimea, next to the sea indicating the direction to Kherson.


This information has yet to be independently verified. However, CNN previously reported that Russia had set up a new government in Kherson on April 26. The move comes after Russian forces took control of Kherson city council headquarters and removed the current government.

RIA-Novosti, citing a security source, also said that Ukrainian forces launched three missiles into the center of Kherson city on the evening of April 28, but the Russian side shot down two of them. Ukraine did not immediately comment on this statement.

Earlier, Ukrainian officials accused Russia of using tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse a crowd of pro-Kyiv protesters in Kherson. President Zelensky praised the protesters in a speech on the night of April 27.

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