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Finally, Ma Gaming was “stopped” by the super muddy twin sister streamers and hot TikToker

The famous game that always brings new and unique experiences Free Fire has just released episode 1 of the short film “Knowledge of a Crush”. With the theme of school love revolving around the story of her friend Simmy and interesting side stories, “Secret of a Crush” promises to bring many explosive surprises. Most especially, after episode 1 “The Secret of a Crush”, viewers can work together as a director to lead the story in the desired direction with “Role Playing Game” at the official website:

Finally, Ma Gaming was also stopped by a super muddy twin sister streamer and hot TikToker - Photo 1.

The unexpected love story of Nam Lay and Simmy made fans stand still. Photo: Garena Free Fire Vietnam.

Breaking down a crush – It’s not anyone’s story

In episode 1 of Secret of Crush, the film introduces the story of Simmy who has secretly loved Nam Lay for a long time but has not found the opportunity to confess.

Simmy must seek help from her own version in the Free Fire game, Sammy, to plan together to “cut down” Nam Lay – the lead guitarist of the band Et O Et. This short film also marks the return to the screen of TikToker Nam Lay after a period of absence.

Finally, Ma Gaming was also stopped by a super muddy twin sister streamer with a hot TikToker set - Photo 2.

Just watch the movie, just take advantage of the game to collect “good” things, gamers. Photo: Free Fire.

In addition to Simmy’s troubled love story, the online community is also excited by the appearance of many faces. TikToker prominent as Ngo Dinh Nam, Ma Gaming, Ruby, Tu Anh or Master Beo. In which, Ngo Dinh Nam, Ma Gaming, Nam Lay, Ruby, Tu Anh invited together to form the band Et O Et.

The surprise for the most Free Fire fans is probably the image of Ma Gaming finally being “stopped” but working hard on drumming for the band Et O Et with the main vocalist being the stylish guy Ngo Dinh Nam. Or the scene where Ngo Dinh Nam and Master Beo argue over which song to sing at the festival, the online community is also looking forward to the final result.

“The Secret to Sawing Crush” is a film that marks the appearance of Ngo Dinh Nam, Master Beo and Khai Ca Khai in a short film project. Will these funny faces create any surprises besides the main love line of Nam Lay and Simmy, which is something that many viewers eagerly expect.

Ngo Dinh Nam will also show off his “golden voice” when taking on a super chill song called Friendship Free Fire with hot streamer student Ruby. The song promises to make TikTok bustling in the near future.

Drama and surprises are ahead

Set in a school love story combined with a fantasy concept, “Crab Crush Recipes” brings a fresh and cheerful atmosphere, telling about the carefree time while sitting on the school chair of many people. pupil. The episode also brings a lot of humor and fun to the public.

In the end, Ma Gaming was also stopped by a super muddy twin sister streamer and hot TikToker - Photo 3.

Is there a beautiful ending for the love story of Simmy and Nam Lay? Photo: Garena Free Fire Vietnam.

Episode 1 brought many surprises to the audience, but Simmy’s choice in episode 2 will be even more worth the wait. At the end of episode 1, it’s almost time for an appointment, but Simmy still hasn’t appeared, will Sammy’s friend successfully “rescue” you, will Nam Lay leave in regret or stay in time to listen to confessions and scripts? happened also made the audience stand still.

Because of so many variables in Sammy’s love story, for the first time Free Fire organizes a Role Playing Game event so that players can participate in the event and decide the fate of the characters. To choose the next actions of Mr. Nam Lay, his friend Simmy and even Sammy, the audience can visit the Role-playing game website, which was released by Free Fire on April 23.

Episode 2 of “Secret Saw Crush” will be broadcast at 6 pm on April 27, which is the most chosen outcome in the game of Free Fire. With a new and interesting way, the player or the audience can directly decide the fate of the characters in the short film. Help Nam Loy return to Simmy’s side or challenge the young couple more, all outcomes are in the player’s decision.

To celebrate the holidays of April 30 and May 1, 2022, brothers who play Free Fire can receive “forever” and free gifts when participating in the Gen Z Festival Free Fire event. The event will take place from September 1. April 23, 2022 to May 8, 2022 nationwide, all servers. Please keep in mind and follow this period carefully to receive many attractive and genuine gifts from Garena.

Episode 1:

Episode 2: tiktoker-20220428160303566.chn

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