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How do you evaluate the Black Sea Fleet after losing the flagship Moscow?

The British Ministry of Defense today assessed that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is still capable of hitting targets on the coast of Ukraine, despite the loss of the flagship Moscow.

The British Ministry of Defense also said that about 20 Russian naval ships, including submarines, are in the Black Sea Fleet’s operating area, according to Reuters. “The Bosphorus Strait remains closed to all non-Turkish warships, leaving Russia unable to replace the cruiser lost in the Black Sea,” the British Ministry of Defense said.

RT radio on April 23 quoted the Russian Defense Ministry’s statement as saying that one soldier was killed and 27 others were missing after the flagship Moscow was sunk by fire on April 13.

The image is said to be the Moscow flagship on fire in the Black Sea


Also today, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that putin-tuyen-bo-gianh-chien-thang-trong-tran-chien-lon-nhat-o-ukraine-post1451093.html” title=”President Putin declares victory in the biggest battle in Ukraine”>General Russian President Vladimir Putin almost did not achieve all the goals set out in the campaign military in Ukraine. Mr. Wallace predicted Mr. Putin may seek to consolidate what Russia has achieved in the military campaign and also seems to want to go further.

On the other hand, Minister Wallace stated that Ukrainian forces were legitimate if they attacked Russian logistics, but they could not use British weapons, according to Reuters. On April 26, the Russian Defense Ministry warned Britain that if it continued to “provoke Ukraine to attack targets in Russia” there would be an “immediate response”, according to Reuters.

Secretary Wallace also denied NATO stuck in a proxy war with Russia, but stressed that the West will continue to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine, possibly with planes and tanks, if Russia continues its military campaign. .

Russia was not immediately available for comment following Wallace’s statement.

On April 25, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned NATO against providing weapons to Kyiv, repeating Moscow’s position that the weapons were considered legitimate targets. “In essence, NATO has entered war with Russia by proxy and is arming that proxy. War is war,” Lavrov said.

America and NATO refrained from supplying arms to Ukraine in the early days of the war for fear of sending the wrong signal to Russia, but have recently begun to give more aid, including potentially heavy weapons. attack instead of a defensive weapon.

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