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How to choose the right industry to not regret later?

Male student Nguyen Dang Khoa (a 12th grader in Thai Binh) said that in the near future he will apply for a career in Information Technology.

Khoa said: “With the current integrated world, the Information Technology industry is the hottest trend, once we catch the trend, we won’t be able to get a job later.

In the era of the 4.0 revolution, I see that every business has a need to recruit information technology-savvy employees. In particular, the use of specific software is one of the indispensable needs of any agency. I also know that there are many companies recruiting employees in this field with a salary of several tens of millions per month.

Moreover, I personally find this industry to have a quite dynamic learning environment. The older brothers and sisters that I know also recommend that I choose to enroll in this industry. I hope that I will be suitable for the training program of this major.”

University admissions 2022: How to choose the right major so that you won't regret it later?  - Photo 1.

Information technology is being considered as a “trend-catching” industry. (Illustration)

As a student majoring in social sciences, when asked about the upcoming trend of choosing majors, Nguyen Phuong Ly said: “I see that choosing a hot major or a hot school every year. Most students like us are I want to go to schools with good facilities and training programs. Perhaps I will enter hot fields such as languages, multimedia … “.

The fact shows that many candidates tend to rush to choose hot professions to register for such as: Information Technology, Automotive Engineering, Health, Economics, Graphic Design, etc., because they think that These are industries that respond to the trends of society, but they are not suitable for all individuals.

In addition, many students also register to follow the trend but are not really aware of the profession they choose to have a job after graduation. Even if you don’t have passion, it’s hard to work hard and dedicate yourself to it.

According to some experts, in choosing a major, students must understand what they have and what they want to choose the right major. Along with that, parents and schools must help children understand their true abilities and passions to choose the right major. If you ignore age-psychological characteristics, not helping them see the right capacity will limit the accuracy and deviation in choosing a career.

Many students choose a hot major because they see everyone else choosing it, but if they don’t have passion, they often don’t put in the effort to achieve high efficiency in their work. Meanwhile, passion is also based on ability.

Before the question “Can candidates choose a hot major or the one that’s right for them?”, in the consulting program “Choose the right school, go the right way”, Dr. Le Viet Thuy – Director of the Center for Information Technology Application – National Economics University gave advice: “You can see from the benchmark data that the industries with high standards are the hot ones. selected by the majority of candidates.

If you really don’t have a clear direction about your future career, you can choose a hot industry. Currently, there are many recruitment counseling channels or personality tests to help students easily find the right career for them. However, predicting the job that will follow you in the long run is not easy.”

Dr. Thuy said that at the National Economics University, candidates do not need to put too much emphasis on choosing a major. If they can’t get into the desired field at school, they can choose to study a double degree while they are still in school.

Sharing more about the above issue, Dr. Nguyen Thi Cuc Phuong – Vice Rector of Hanoi University emphasized: “Candidates need to discover and find out their interests first and then consider the ability to view the copy. If you are really passionate about the profession, you should still be able to find your own job opportunities. It’s not even a hot industry.”


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