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Husband sent money to his ex-sister-in-law for two years without my knowledge

My brother can’t afford to send child support, I’m the uncle who needs to do it, partly out of love for him, part of his conscience wants it.

My wife and I live in the North, both are government employees. The parents-in-law gave birth to six children, everyone was busy doing business, building their own lives and having a happy family except for the youngest child. My husband’s youngest brother is 40 years old, still fluffy, divorced his wife for three years. My wife brought two sons to the South to live. I have no responsibility for my children after the divorce. My husband’s parents are very sad and miss him, too far away to visit. The ex-sister-in-law cut off all contact with her ex-husband’s family.

My husband is a teacher, lives a very standard life, is responsible for his parents and brothers. He loves his wife and children. Recently, I discovered that in his pocket, he had many bills to transfer money to his old sister-in-law’s account. I questioned him, he said that he moved two years ago, this is also the wish of his grandparents to be responsible for his grandchild, if he grows up tomorrow, his family will not be ashamed. Other than that he has no other reason. The amount of money he deposited in the past two years is quite a lot.

>> Sister-in-law is too carefree

I am very angry because my husband did it without telling his wife. Parents-in-law consider it a natural responsibility that he has to do, so does my husband have to support until the children are 18 years old? While my brother-in-law played and relied on me, I also did not know the whereabouts of my ex-sister-in-law, only the money transfer account number that my mother-in-law gave to my husband. In your opinion, how should I handle this? My life is only enough to eat, not rich, but carrying such responsibilities is really unwilling.


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