Insulation film product line is popular in the Korean market

Outstanding advantages

Smith Club is a major auto parts manufacturing company in Korea. Established for more than 15 years, until now Smith Club has become a prestigious brand, specializing in distributing products such as insulating films, cruise monitoring devices, car care products. In particular, the T-Series insulation film product line is the main product of Smith Club when it is popular in the Korean market.

T-Series insulation film line includes 5 products: Smith Film T1, Smith Film T2, Smith Film T3 and Smith Film T0, specialized for civil cars. There is also the Smith Film TR for commercial and specialty vehicles.

T-Series uses new Nano Carbon Ceramic technology, a combination of Carbon and Nano Ceramic particles, which are common insulating film particles. With this combination, T-Series maximizes the performance of each particle, and at the same time overcomes the limitations that the current insulation film lines are facing.

Carbon particles are reduced to a microscopic (nano) size that can prevent fogging and glare while maintaining durability over long periods of use. In addition, Nano Ceramic particles enhance the insulation and transparency of the film.

Thanks to this unique combination, the T-Series stands out in its ability to insulate heat, prevent infrared rays, and high UV rays with stable durability, saving materials for the vehicle, and at the same time reducing the temperature in the cabin. and reduce glare when using the vehicle. The film series from Smith Club also impresses with color stability.

Smith Film T3 is officially available in Vietnam

After building certain successes in Korea, Smith Club expanded its operations to many other Asian countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Vietnam. In our country, Smith Club has been present since 2019, expanding more than 100 retail points and 30 showrooms nationwide.

Continuing to affirm its name and quality, Smith Club officially launched Smith Film T3 in Vietnam market. Smith Film T3 is considered a superior product line when combining leading modern sputtering technology and Nano Carbon Ceramic, increasing the adhesion of particles, increasing heat insulation and preventing UV rays from the environment. In addition, the light penetration of the film is maximized, providing the best experience for the driver.

“Owning the advantages of previous T-Series insulation films, while adding sputtering technology, Smith Film T3 has become the top choice of film at the moment. We are confident. Smith Film T3 will become a favorite product in the Vietnamese market,” shared Mr. Vuong, Smith Club’s national sales director.

T-Series: The insulation film product line is popular with the Korean market - Photo 1.

Smith Film T3’s UV and infrared resistance is quite impressive.

Smith Club also announced the distribution price of Smith Film T3 in Vietnam with a variety of choices. Accordingly, the price will range from 4 to 10 million VND / unit for many different car segments. The price is suitable for the beauty needs, equipped with quality car accessories for customers. In particular, Smith Club applies a warranty policy of up to 10 years for new and renewed T3 insulation films if defects are detected from the manufacturer.

The new Smith Film T3 of the T-Series is being distributed at Smith Club showrooms and agents nationwide.


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