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Is having a big baby worrisome?

During pregnancy, the weight of the fetus will be influenced by many factors: genetics from the parents, the mother’s nutrition… However, according to obstetricians and gynecologists, the cause of the baby’s weight gain. weighing more than 4kg, exceeding the normal level mainly because pregnant women eat a lot of starch and sugar, sleep a lot, and be sedentary, leading to gestational diabetes.

High birth weight babies are more likely to develop diabetes

In cases where the baby is born over 4kg, it is usually because the mother has a metabolic disorder, especially gestational diabetes. This disease has a high risk of being passed from mother to child.

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Overweight babies are more likely to develop diabetes

Diabetes in infants is often difficult to detect, parents need to pay attention to the child’s unusual manifestations, even the smallest such as:

Children suck a lot, get thirsty easily, urinate more: When a child’s blood sugar level is higher than normal, the water in the cells will escape to balance. This causes the cells to lack water, which leads to the child being thirsty, needing to add water to compensate. At the same time, blood sugar levels rise, surpassing the threshold of filtration and reabsorption by the kidneys, causing the child to urinate more. This symptom is very typical in infants with diabetes.

Children get hungry quickly, eat more, sleep more than usual: Infants’ ability to move glucose into cells in the body is affected by diabetes, making them feel tired and hungry, and sleep for more than three to four hours a day.

Baby loses weight or doesn’t gain weight despite drinking a lot: Newborns with diabetes, even though they suckle a lot and eat a lot, sugar is not transferred into the body’s cells for energy.

Other symptoms: Irritability, irritability, coma, convulsions, abdominal pain, lethargy, persistent fever…

Neonatal diabetes is a silent disease that is difficult to detect. Therefore, instead of being happy when the baby is born or predicting that the baby will be born weighing more than 4kg, doctors believe that mothers should be more careful and closely monitor their children’s health problems.

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Babies crying, sucking a lot, losing weight… can be signs of diabetes

Doctor’s advice for mothers giving birth over 4kg

According to doctors, babies weighing more than 4kg not only have a high risk of diabetes, but also are prone to diseases such as hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia leading to other dangerous complications such as hypothermia, circulatory failure, respiratory failure.

In particular, high-birth-weight infants with respiratory failure in the first two years of life are very susceptible to re-infection with pneumonia, each illness is often very severe, requiring long-term treatment.

Therefore, when giving birth to a baby with a high birth weight, mothers should pay attention to:

– Closely monitor the child’s health status, especially for signs of diabetes.

– Pay attention to hygiene when taking care of children, avoid infections, keep children warm in winter so as not to create conditions that increase the risk of prolonged pneumonia.

– Take the child for regular check-ups at a specialized medical facility.

– For pregnant women planning to give birth to a baby with a high birth weight, it is necessary to choose a reputable and safe birthing address.

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Prevent babies from being overweight by maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy

To prevent overweight babies, pregnant women need to maintain a healthy diet and gain weight appropriately. Specifically:

– About 11.3 – 16kg for pregnant women with average weight before pregnancy.

– About 12.7 – 18.3 kg for women with low birth weight before pregnancy.

– About 7 – 11.3kg for pregnant women who are overweight before pregnancy

– About 16 – 20.5 kg in case of pregnant women with twins.

With babies, weight gain during the first 6-12 months of life is usually not a concern. In particular, breastfed babies often gain weight faster in the first 6 months, then slow down. Sometimes, heavier babies may crawl and walk later than other babies. It’s important to help your baby gain a healthy weight as they grow and start eating solids. Doing so can help your child maintain a normal weight later in life.

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