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Is it good for pregnant women to drink tap water?

Voi is a tree that is grown a lot in our country, especially in the northern provinces, with the scientific name Syzygium nervosum, belonging to the family Peach Kim Niang. People often collect leaves or buds to bring back to cook daily refreshments. In addition, the mandarin tree also grows wild in many other areas in Asia such as India, Laos, China, Cambodia…

Is it good for pregnant women to drink tap water?  - first

Is it good for pregnant women to drink tapioca leaf juice? (Illustration)

Is it good for pregnant women to drink tap water?

The research results show that the nutrients in the leaves such as minerals, tannins, vitamins… have many different uses for health, especially for pregnant women. Many pregnant mothers also believe that drinking water from cassava leaves also helps their children to be born with pink and white skin. Tap water brings many different uses for pregnant women such as:

Better digestion support for pregnant women

The leaves are rich in tannins and fiber that can help stabilize the digestive tract, reducing excess acid in the stomach. Therefore, pregnant women will easily absorb food, feel better eat without stomach pain or digestive disorders.

Supports detoxification and body purification

The active ingredients such as tannin and vitamin components in the leaves have the ability to help purify the body and detoxify effectively. That is also the reason why many pregnant women like to mix water with daily for refreshment purposes, especially in the summer. Toxins will be easily eliminated through the body’s excretory system.

Is it good for pregnant women to drink tap water?  - 2

The leaves and buds bring many different uses for pregnant women. (Illustration)

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory support

The antibiotic active ingredient beta sitosterol along with flavonoids in the leaves have high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. As a result, it will help disinfect, prevent wound infection and effectively support the treatment of sores.

Helps reduce itching

Using tapioca leaf water to bathe will prevent skin rashes, itching, and urticaria during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Even the water of the leaves helps to improve the condition of cold sores, impetigo in young children.

Antioxidant support

Active ingredients of the bud contain substances that prevent oxidation, prevent oxidation in parts of the body, and protect the pancreas from damage during pregnancy. Not only that, lime water also helps limit hair loss, wrinkled skin, exposed teeth of pregnant women.

Helps prevent gestational diabetes

The composition of the leaves and buds contains alpha-glucosidase, which reduces blood fat and complications of gestational diabetes.

Postpartum milk benefits

Scientific studies have proven that tap water contains a number of vitamins and minerals that promote the development of milk glands. Therefore, pregnant mothers often pass on the secret to drinking water to make more milk after giving birth.

Effects of tap water on pregnant women

Normally, drinking a lot of tap water is safe for health, there is no harm unless drinking water in the wrong way or at the wrong time. In particular, if you drink tap water on an empty stomach or drink too much tap water on an empty stomach, it will cause harm to your health.

When hungry, drinking water will make the stomach rumble due to the effect of promoting digestion, preventing bloating and eating well… of the leaves. Because of this effect, when drinking water on an empty stomach, it will make bowel movements more active, creating cravings, fatigue, loss of energy, and drooping of the face. For pregnant women, this problem seriously affects health. In some ways, it also seriously affects the health of the fetus.

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Although tap water is good, pregnant women should not abuse it. (Illustration)

In addition, pregnant women who are too weak or too thin should not drink because the leaves and buds can control blood sugar and help lose weight. Pregnant women should also not use too thick tap water and should not drink too much tap water a day. Do not drink tap water right after a meal because it can affect the digestive process.

Should pregnant women drink fresh or dried leaves?

Pregnant women can drink both fresh or dried leaves depending on their preferences. However, it is recommended to limit the intake of fresh fig leaves because they contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances, which can indirectly kill beneficial bacteria that cause blood loss.

How to make tap water as follows:

– For fresh tapioca leaf juice: Use fresh leaves of about 5-7 leaves, wash them, heat them over the fire until the leaves wilt and put them in a pot with water to boil.

– For dried tapioca leaf juice: Similar to fresh fig leaves.

– For water from tapioca bud: The buds are washed, dried, and boiled with boiling water to drink at the rate of 20g for 1 teapot.

If you drink tapioca water from the leaves or buds, you absolutely must not drink it overnight because it is easy to go rancid or degrade. Only boiled water should be used during the day.

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