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Launching a children’s story writing contest

The contest has been held annually from 1970 to present in Japan and in Vietnam, starting from 2018. The contest is carried out with the desire to spread the connection between hearts and voice children in their souls. each person, and at the same time contribute to nurturing the soul of Vietnamese children, contributing to the spread of reading culture. The works that won the First – Second – Third Prizes were collected into the anthology of the year.

After 4 years of organization, the award has attracted more and more authors of all ages, the number of entries and the number of contestants has increased, the quality of the contests has also improved year by year in 2021. The contest attracted 2,336 contestants from 56 provinces and cities with 2,912 works.

em nguyen thanh ngan giai xuat sac cua cuoc thi sang tac truyen dong thoai doa hoa dong thoai nam 2021 64964a5e79e349c7a6d83a303f918f6c
Nguyen Thanh Ngan – Excellent prize of the competition for composing the folk tale ‘Flower of the Dong Dialogue’ in 2021.

“In the context that the Japan – Vietnam relationship is becoming more and more intimate in all fields, the popularization of Ehon reading and manga culture as well as the organization of the contest Synonymous flowers has a very important meaning in nurturing dreams and enriching children’s souls. It can be said that this activity is sowing important seeds for the future of Japan-Vietnam relations,” said former Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Umeda Kunio.

Writer Le Phuong Lien shared about how to write a homologue story: “First of all, you should understand that ‘dong dialogue’ means ‘children’s talk’. , all thoughts are children’s thoughts, words are children’s words appropriate to age psychology, but there are 3 main points for the composition of a story: the location of the story, the main character of the story. story, situation the story happens.

Composing a story is to tell people your love for your loved ones and for all the nature around you. There is no suggestion that can replace my imagination expressed in Vietnamese language. If you want to know how to swim, you have to get in the water! In order to write an essay, we have to hold a pen to think and write.

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The contest is divided into three categories: Freestyle category (competitors aged 16 and older, junior high school category), Vietnamese nationals aged 11-15, elementary school category (candidates). born between the ages of 6 and 10). Short story works of no more than 1,500 words in length, with content intended for children. Contestants can go to the website, or the personal page of the contest Synonymous flower to register for the contest and find out more information.

The winner of the Special Prize will be rewarded with a trip to Japan. The prize for the first prize winner is 5 million VND, the second prize: 3 million VND, the third prize: 1 million VND, the Consolation prize: 500 thousand VND (unlimited number of prizes).

The BTC ends on May 31, 2022, and announces the results in July 2022. The award ceremony is expected to take place in October in Hanoi. The winning works are translated into Japanese, edited, illustrated, printed and published as a Vietnamese-Japanese bilingual anthology.

The author who won the Special Prize will have his name engraved on the Bronze Flower Cup. The trophy is kept by the BTC to continue to honor excellent authors of the following years with the desire to contribute to Vietnamese children’s literature, helping to spread the reading culture widely.

Besides, the contest also has many side activities, creating a space to exchange and learn between the contestants and guests who are Vietnamese and Japanese writers and educators. Exchange sessions Pen tells me help young authors, amateur authors find inspiration, practice writing practice with the help of writers, guests of the award.

This year, activities Pen tells me was held in March in Nam Dinh, Hue, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Ho Chi Minh City with guests: lecturer Pham Quynh Lien, writer Hoang Anh Tu, journalist Tran Gia Bao.

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