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Microsoft grew strongly thanks to the cloud and Windows segment

Microsoft announced the results business Q1 of 2022, when the company had a good quarter thanks to increased revenue across all sectors.

According to Neowinthe revenue of Microsoft in this quarter was 49.4 billion USD, a sharp increase of 18% compared to the same period last year. Similarly, operating income increased 19% to $20.4 billion, with net income of $16.7 billion and posted an 8% increase in GAAP.

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Microsoft revenue won big in the first quarter of 2022


The Smart Cloud division posted 19.1 billion in sales, up 26%. This is mainly due to the increase in Windows Server products and Azure services by 29% and 46% respectively. Microsoft’s Productivity and Business Process revenue reached $15.8 billion, up 17%. The Commercial Office division also grew by 12%, and the Office Consumption and cloud services division marked 11% growth. Total number of people subscribed to services for consumers of the Microsoft 365 also reached 58.4 million people and is not a small achievement. LinkedIn revenue increased 34%, Dynamics products and related cloud services increased 22%.

Finally, in the Personal Computing sector, Microsoft had $14.5 billion in revenue, up 11%. This was driven by revenue growth across Windows OEM (11%), Windows Commercial (14%), content and Xbox service (4%), Search Ads and news (23%) and Surface (13%). Microsoft earnings per share were $2.22, up 9%. At the same time, $12.4 billion was returned to shareholders through dividends and share buybacks.

For the future, Microsoft expects single-digit revenue growth next quarter due to the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and production difficulties in the country. China. The company expects its game revenue to decline due to hardware provisioning issues.

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