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Nam Chau IMS Company supports exit fees for Japanese workers

Unprecedented preeminent installment policy for Japanese workers

Japanese labor export is preferred by many families because of the relatively high salary compared to other countries. Currently, the Japanese labor export salary ranges from 140,000 to 160,000 yen/month, equivalent to about 30-35 million VND.

At Nam Chau IMS, there are many orders for Japanese laborers with attractive salaries (over 160,000 yen/month and not including overtime pay, shift meals) so it attracts the attention of many workers.

However, a high salary will come with heavier work or expensive labor export costs, depending on each order. Currently, the cost of labor export to Japan at Nam Chau IMS company is 3600 USD (about 85 million VND). This cost includes expenses such as medical examination fee, language learning fee, accommodation fee in Vietnam, airfare, entry visa fee…

In fact, compared to previous years, Japanese labor costs are much lower due to the long-term effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, and the fee at Nam Chau IMS is also considered to be very reasonable compared to many other units. other. However, this is still a huge barrier for many workers or their families without conditions, who want to realize their dream of working in Japan.

Understanding the difficulties that employees face, especially during the time when the COVID-19 epidemic has had a profound impact on the economy of many families, Nam Chau IMS Company has offered an attractive installment support policy. , allowing workers to owe 100% of the export fee at an interest rate of VND0.

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Accordingly, employees only have to pay monthly installments to the company, with a fee of about 15 million VND/month until all labor export costs are completed.

The program is applicable to all employees who need to register for a Japanese labor export, clear family history and strictly comply with the provisions of the law.

The “heart” and “reach” of the business are always pioneering to support employees

Wishing to become a bridge to help workers find suitable jobs abroad with the best salary and benefits, Nam Chau IMS always strives to bring practical support policies to employees.

Not only building orders suitable for Vietnamese workers, Nam Chau IMS also “plays big” when letting employees owe 100% of exit fees without paying any interest.

This is something that is unprecedented in any human resource supply unit in Vietnam. This shows the “mind” of the company – always putting the interests of employees above all else, and also shows the “range” of a large business, ready to spend money ” terrible” to support jobs for workers.

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With this unprecedented incentive program to go to Japan, now, workers can get closer to the “ticket” of labor export in one of the leading countries in terms of labor export such as Japan. Thanks to this policy of debt payment for Japanese labor exit fees, difficult families will soon have the opportunity to “change their lives”, have a high and stable income abroad to accumulate and build a large amount of capital when back to the water.

With this special support policy, employees who do not have enough financial conditions do not need to run and collect money to have enough expenses to prepare for departure, reduce the burden on their families as well as not have to pressure to pay for the expensive cost of living in Japan. It can be said that this is a program of great humanitarian significance, paving the way to a bright future for many Vietnamese workers.

Through this, Nam Chau IMS once again affirms the position of an enterprise that is always responsible to society and employees, always steadfast with the goal of providing high-quality human resources, constantly making efforts. to give employees the opportunity to develop themselves at home and abroad, significantly contributing to the process of economic, cultural and intellectual development and promoting the integration process.

Advantages when registering to work abroad at Nam Chau IMS:

– Support maximum costs for employees, guide to make procedures quickly and accurately.

– High salary, diversified and continuous orders.

– Work directly, without intermediaries.

– Having a spacious modern office and training center.

– Having representative offices in host countries to solve all problems arising for employees.



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