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New engine Nissan Navara appeared in Vietnam

HanoiThe new version of Navara uses a 2.3 twin-turbo engine and off-road tires like the Thai market, expected to be sold in May and June.

Navara The new model has appeared in Hanoi, completed testing and will soon be available to the market in the next 1-2 months, according to the agent. Nissan’s pickup model is likely to use the 2.3 Twin Turbo engine instead of the old 2.5 engine. Manual or automatic transmission.

The exterior is not much different.

The exterior is not much different. Image: Hoang Thang

In the Thai market, the manual version has a capacity of 163 horsepower and maximum torque of 403 Nm, combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. Automatic transmission for 190 horsepower capacity, 450 Nm of torque, comes with a 7-speed automatic transmission. Power is not different from the old 2.5 version, but maximum torque is achieved at earlier rpm (1,500 rpm instead of 2,000 rpm as before), for better traction. Both 2.3 engine versions have a choice of one or two-wheel drive.

According to evaluation in Thailand, the new Twin Turbo engine operates smoother, saves fuel and meets the new Euro5 emission standard. In addition, in the Pro4X version, the car will be equipped with all-terrain tires (AT) like the Thai market.

New engine on Navara.

New engine on Navara. Image: Hoang Thang

The rest of the equipment on the car will be the same as it is now. The interior and exterior are no different. Currently, Nissan has no information about this engine upgrade version.

Price and number of instances may not change. Navara just returned to Vietnam last June, selling 4 versions: standard 2WD, high-end 2WD, high-end 4WD and a special Pro4X sport version. The selling price is 748, 845, 895 and 945 million respectively. Rival Ford Ranger costs 616-925 million VND.

Interior compartment on Navara Pro 4x version.

Interior compartment on Navara Pro 4x version. Image: Hoang Thang

In the Vietnamese market, Ranger is still the “dominant” model of the pickup truck segment with the advantage in the number of versions and equipment. However, in recent years, rivals like Navara or Hilux are rising strongly thanks to equipment upgrades and styling updates.

Currently, the pickup segment is still a “fertile” land for many car manufacturers, because the pickup has a certain place in the hearts of users because of its mobility and flexibility when traveling on many different roads.


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