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No need to find a man to get in the way

According to QQCurrently, “Chu Chi Ruo” Chau Hai My is living in a villa on the outskirts of Beijing. The actress often shoots videos of her daily life when she takes care of flowers and gardening to interact with fans.

In Chau Hai My’s garden, there are all kinds of tomatoes, broccoli, vegetables, herbs… The actress grows many climbing roses and hydrangeas. She also learned to bake. Beauty Ỷ Heavenly Do Dragon Sign said she is satisfied with her single life.

“Currently during the anti-epidemic period at home, I am not busy at all, enjoying a leisurely life“, Chau Hai My shared.

Chau Hai My has been raising a dog since 2002. She builds a bathroom, a playroom for the pet and often takes it for walks. The actress shared that thanks to her dog as a friend, she doesn’t feel lonely.

The 56-year-old actress said she also gets questions from time to time: “Is living alone lonely or not, have you thought about finding a companion?”, The actress expressed her unequivocal opinion: “Without love, you can live a happy life, you don’t have to find a man to entangle your hands and feet.”

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