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People who should not eat peanuts because of health hazards

Those who should not eat peanuts lest

Health benefits of peanuts

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Many studies have shown that peanuts have the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease. Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants like oleic acid. Eat peanuts or other legumes at least four times a week to reduce your risk of heart and coronary artery disease.

Reduce cholesterol

The nutrients in peanuts not only enhance memory but also help reduce and control cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, copper contained in peanuts helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

Prevent aging

Peanuts contain natural polyphenols, which in addition to reducing platelet aggregation, protecting the heart also have a very good anti-aging effect.

Good for bones

Peanuts also contain small amounts of calcium and vitamin D. The two work together to promote bone health, including healthy teeth.

Prevent gallstones

Researchers have found that people who eat at least 58 grams of peanuts or peanut butter per week can reduce their risk of gallstones by 25%.

Improve memory

Some studies show that eating peanuts has the ability to enhance brain health. The reason is that peanuts contain a lot of vitamin B6, also known as niacin. This is a substance that helps the brain function normally and enhances memory.

Reduce stress, fatigue

Peanuts are foods that are rich in B vitamins, zinc and vitamin E that help eliminate stress quickly. Like cashews or almonds, you can keep at your desk a jar of roasted peanuts or cashews, almonds to sip when stressed.

Those who should not eat peanuts lest

People who should not eat peanuts

People suffering from gout

Peanuts are quite rich in fat, but gout patients with purine metabolism disorders, often with hyperuricemia, should avoid peanuts.

Just eating a little bit will make your condition worse. The reason is that fats reduce uric acid excretion.

People with liver disease

Foods with high protein and fat content when eaten in the body will make the gallbladder have a very strong stimulation of bile secretion, so there will be more bile secretion to help digestion and absorption.

People with liver disease, if they accidentally eat too much peanuts, too much protein and fat will increase the burden on the liver and gallbladder, and even make the disease worse.

If this group of people want to eat peanuts, they should choose the right processing method. It is best to add some peanuts cooked with porridge to control the quantity. Or you can eat peanuts roasted or boiled without adding fat. Absolutely avoid eating peanuts in the form of frying with a lot of fat, salt, or eating at the same time too much or eating many times.

People with blood lipid disease

Peanut is a fairly common food in our country that can be processed into many different dishes, very delicious and nutritious.

But for people with blood lipid disease, they should not eat peanuts, because peanuts have a lot of fat when you eat a lot, it is easy to gain weight, making the disease situation much worse.

In addition, because peanuts are high in fat and calories. If people with high blood fat eat a lot, it makes the disease worse or causes cardiovascular diseases, coronary arteries are very harmful to health.

People who want to lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you should stay away from peanuts because peanuts are rich in fat and calories, so they will make you gain more weight than you lose. Therefore, you should put peanuts on the black list to not touch in your weight loss process.

People with indigestion

If you are having trouble with the digestive tract, especially with bloating, indigestion, bloating… then don’t be foolish to eat peanuts. Because peanuts contain a lot of fat and protein. Peanuts contain a lot of fat and protein, which when eaten makes indigestion worse.

People with edema disease

Peanuts contain an active ingredient that has a temporary blood-clotting effect. If people have edema, eating peanuts will cause damage to the body, stagnation of blood, making the swelling worse.

Pregnant women

A study at Sainte Justine Hospital (Canada) has shown that if women eat peanuts during pregnancy, their children will be four times more likely to have allergies later in life than other children.

If breastfeeding women eat peanuts also double the risk of disease in these babies.

People with high blood pressure

Same goes for diabetics and gout sufferers. People with high blood pressure eat a lot of cooking oil will increase blood pressure, hardening arteries, dangerous for you.

People often get hot in

According to Oriental medicine, sweet taste, hotness can cause internal heat. Therefore, people with heat, or acne, and hot inside should not eat peanuts. Because eating peanuts will make it difficult for you to breathe and make your body hotter.

People with digestive disorders

Peanuts contain a lot of protein, if we eat too much protein at the same time, it will increase the burden on the intestinal tract. Therefore, when there is a feeling of fullness, indigestion, limit or should not continue to eat peanuts.

In addition, many people have the habit of eating peanuts raw, sometimes for medicinal purposes. But because raw peanuts contain a lot of nutrients, when eaten in the stomach, it will promote the effect of moistening the stomach. If eating a lot can lead to diarrhea, so some patients with stomach acid disease when eating raw peanuts to reduce stomach upset, should eat in moderation.

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