The mistake of buying and using inverter air conditioners causes electricity bills to skyrocket in the summer

Inverter technology uses a type of power converter circuit that can adjust electrical parameters such as voltage, amperage and frequency of the machine. Some models also have an additional sensor to help adjust the operating capacity according to the room temperature to save electricity.

Theoretically, if used correctly, inverter technology air conditioners can help reduce about 30-40% of electricity consumption compared to conventional air conditioners.

However, in some cases, due to improper selection and use, users find that they are not capable of saving electricity as well as advertised.

  The mistake of buying and using an inverter air conditioner causes electricity bills to skyrocket in the summer - Photo 1.

1. Choose the wrong capacity when buying

Do not waste money initially, but choose air conditioners with a capacity lower than the capacity that needs to serve the entire room area. This will cause the machine to operate at excessive capacity, leading to more power consumption, the room is not cool, but also creating noisy sounds. To make the right choice, you should consult a consultant, pay attention to the location as well as the area of ​​the room,…

2. Incorrect installation

As with other types of air conditioners, the location of the inverter air conditioner also has a big impact on its energy efficiency. Many homes install air conditioning on the hottest wall in the room. They claim that doing so will quickly cool the room, but the machine has to work harder to cool the superheated wall first and then the air in the room.

  The mistake of buying and using inverter air conditioners causes electricity bills to skyrocket in the summer - Photo 2.

3. Misconception about Inverter air conditioner

Power saving and fast cooling are typical features of Inverter (inverter) air conditioners. However, when using inverter air conditioner, the machine must have enough capacity to meet the load in the room. Otherwise, inverter air conditioners may consume at least 10% more electricity than conventional air conditioners.

Inverter air conditioners usually only show significant energy savings when they are used for a long time (about 6-8 hours or more). Therefore, for spaces that are only used for a short time during the day, choosing to install air conditioners will often be more optimal.

4. Not only is the temperature too low to cool down quickly

When using air conditioners, many people have the habit of turning on the air conditioner when entering the room and immediately setting it to a very low temperature (16-18 degrees Celsius) to quickly cool down the room. However, this is the wrong way to do it, it should be stopped immediately. Because, setting the temperature so low will cause the air conditioner to operate at full capacity to reach the required temperature. This means that it will consume a lot of electricity.

Inverter air conditioners have inverter technology, so they will automatically operate at high capacity to reach the required temperature, then reduce power to maintain a stable temperature to save electricity without having to manually operate. adjusted.

5. Unstable power supply

Inverter air conditioners are controlled by electronic circuits, so they are easily affected if the power supply is not stable. Therefore, when using, we need to meet the manufacturer’s voltage standards. Accordingly, we should install it with a voltage stabilizer to avoid damage to the microchips to make the air conditioner more durable and energy-saving.

6. Turn off the air conditioner when the room is cold enough

Many people turn off the air conditioner as soon as the room is cool enough and turn it back on when it is hot to save electricity. However, few people expect this to have the opposite effect on Inverter air conditioners. Air conditioners need to consume a lot of power when starting up. Therefore, instead of turning on 16 degrees Celsius and then turning off immediately after a few minutes, people should let the device stabilize at 25 degrees Celsius for a long time.

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