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The unsolved mystery of the ‘raining fish’ city in Honduras

The rains that bring an endless source of fish suddenly fall onto the street, on the roof, in the yard, … is a rare phenomenon but also recorded in many parts of the world such as: India, Yoro – Honduras , Mexico… Only in Yoro, the fish rain occurs regularly every year, even several times a year.

Lluvia de Peces usually occurs between May and June, after a very strong storm. The strangest thing, even though it rains every year, no one actually sees the fish falling from the sky. They only found out after the fish filled the road after a violent storm struck.

The unsolved mystery of the 'raining fish' city in Honduras - 1

House’s science still trying to unravel this mystery to come up with a reasonable explanation.

According to locals, the incident is believed to be tied to the legend of the Spanish missionary priest Jose Manuel Subirana, who visited the site around the 1850s or 60s. After witnessing firsthand the incident. poverty of the local people, he prayed for three days and three nights, asking God to provide them with food.

One day, the sky turned dark and fish began to rain like rain from the sky, in the place known as Lluvia de Peces. Miracles have happened every year since then.

In 1970, a group of scientists happened to be in Yoro when that year’s Lluvia de Peces occurred. Although they did not see the fish falling from the sky, they all saw the ground covered with fish.

However, one strange thing they noticed was that the fish were all blind and were not of the species commonly found in the water bodies of the area. These discoveries led them to hypothesize that the fish must live in underground rivers or caves, where lack of light makes them blind. Flooding during a major storm forced the fish to come to the surface. This is the most convincing explanation, although it still has a real basis to prove.

The unsolved mystery of the

There is also a theory that the rain of fish originates from storms accompanied by strong winds, which carry fish from the sea or nearby lake and drop them on the road. However, it should be emphasized again that no one, even the people here, saw the fish falling from the sky, but the fish was only discovered lying on the road.

Although scientists have come up with many theories, until now, Lluvia de Peces is still an unsolved mystery and the people of Yoro are extremely interested in this strange phenomenon. This mysterious rain of fish also helps to attract more tourists from all over the world to visit Yoro every year.

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