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Young people bring cars to pay debts and then come back to steal

Na borrowed money from Mr. L. and wrote a debit note, leaving the car as a trust. A few days later, Na returned to steal her car and took it to a friend’s house.

On April 28, the police of Que Son district (Quang Nam province) said that the unit had ordered to hold people in an emergency for Nguyen Hong Na (31 years old, residing in Thuan An street, Dong Phu town). , Que Son district) on the act of “Theft of property”.

Specifically, around 9pm on April 16, Na and another person went by car to Mr. L.’s house (53 years old, living in Que Thuan commune, Que Son district).

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Nguyen Hong Na at the police station. Photo: CA

Here, Na asked to borrow Mr. L for 40 million VND, but he only agreed to lend him 10 million VND and asked Na to write a loan letter, leave his car and some papers as a credential.

After that, Mr. L. left his car in an empty lot outside the fence next to the house.

At about 5 o’clock on April 21, Mr. L. woke up and did not see the car on, so he reported to the police station. Upon receiving the news, the Que Son District Police conducted an investigation and verified the case. By noon of the same day, the police had arrested the thief with the car.

Through the investigation process, the police determined that around 10 pm on April 20, Na went to Mr. L’s house, stole a car and drove the car out of Mr. L’s house. This young man then drove his car to store it. at a friend’s house in Thang Dong village (Que An commune, Que Son district, Quang Nam province).

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