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ZaloPay, the first e-wallet to connect payments with the Tiktok platform

Users can use the ZaloPay application to top up Tiktok coins or make payments on Tiktok Shop faster, easier and more convenient. In Vietnam, this is the first e-wallet to deploy payment connection with the entertainment platform Tiktok.

In recent years, livestream on Tiktok has become a trend of young people. Livestream activities are diverse from debating to sharing social life or simply “looking forward” to outstanding events… Users can watch “live” while being able to recharge coins to exchange items for “idol” gifts. (celebrity) is livestreaming to boost morale. This trend has become an indispensable form of entertainment as well as “spiritual food” for young people. Since then, the need for a simple and easy payment method that anyone can do, so that users can recharge coins to exchange items or pay on Tiktok shop becomes more necessary. ever.

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ZaloPay, the first e-wallet to connect payments on the Tiktok platform

Therefore, the ZaloPay e-wallet, connecting with Tiktok not only helps users fully enjoy the livestream, but also makes it easy for them to perform the operation of charging coins and exchanging items for idols to encourage morale and motivation. show a love for live content. In addition, payment on Tiktok shop helps buyers and sellers access a modern and easy cashless payment method.

Paying with ZaloPay is quite simple, even without downloading ZaloPay, users can pay right in Zalo. To activate the ZaloPay wallet in Zalo, just open Zalo on the phone, select the “Discover” item, select the ZaloPay Wallet icon. Here, users can perform “Banking Links” to have money to recharge Tiktok coins, pay Tiktok Shop. In addition, users can also pay for hundreds of other utilities on ZaloPay.

To top up Tiktok coins, users just need to visit the Tiktok.com/coin website, then select the coins they want to top up, choose to pay with ZaloPay and follow the instructions to complete the order. To pay for Tiktok Shop, users access the Tiktok application, choose any shop, place an order and choose to pay with ZaloPay.

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Instructions to top up Tiktok coins and pay with ZaloPay

Kim Dung (20 years old, student, living in Tan Binh district) shared: “I have a habit of surfing Tiktok to watch entertainment livestreams after stressful classes. Every time like that, I want to send items to my idol, but students don’t have visa or credit cards, so it’s difficult to recharge coins, every time I ask friends to load them for me. When I heard that paying with ZaloPay in Zalo I was very happy, the Zalo application I have used for a long time, I will definitely try it.

Tuan Tu (22 years old, office worker, living in District 7): “Loading Tiktok coins and paying for orders on Tiktok shop with ZaloPay is quite convenient. I use it directly on Zalo, no need to download additional applications. In general, I prefer convenient and cheap ways.

Just launched in April, but the feature of loading Tiktok coins with ZaloPay is loved by many users. On the occasion of the launch, ZaloPay e-wallet also offers customers the promotion program “Top up Tiktok coin from only 3,000”. See program details at: https://bit.ly/NapTikTokXu

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