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4 facial signs that show it’s a child with a high IQ

Friday, April 29, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

There are some very recognizable features on a child’s face related to intelligence, IQ, and personality.

For most parents, everyone wants their child to be smart and alert. Especially when parents take their children out to play and interact with many people, there are some people who will praise the baby’s appearance such as “this baby has so bright eyes, he will grow up to be very smart”. Hearing that, parents will surely be very happy.

When looking at a person’s face, in addition to recognizing emotions, personality and IQ are also revealed. There are some facial features of children that show that they are intelligent, high IQ, parents try to test their children.

1. Bright, alert eyes

When communicating with others, we can perceive a lot of information by looking at their eyes. Even babies who do not know how to speak, but if they have big, bright, full of life eyes, it means that the baby’s thinking ability is relatively strong.

Children like this have a highly developed brain, when they encounter something interesting, they will be very interested and think about it, bringing a sense of intelligence and alertness.

4 facial signs that show it's a high IQ child - 1

2. High forehead

The ancients believed that a high and full forehead was a feature of intelligent and blessed people. High forehead also shows early brain development, high IQ is superior to ordinary people.

People with high forehead often have quick judgment, good observation ability, often reap a lot of success in the future.

3. Ears are higher than eyebrows

According to the development of the human body, most babies’ ears will be eyebrow level or lower. If you notice your child’s ears are higher than his eyebrows, it also means he has a high IQ.

In fact, if the ear were higher than this hair, the hearing would be very sensitive. With this advantage, children will be sharper, the ability to observe and practice is also stronger.

4. Smile often

When children are young, they cry easily. However, when teased, but the child responds with a smile, this partly shows that he is a smart child. They use smiles to interact with adults, showing that their brains are working very well.

When brain thinking is trained, the child’s reaction ability will also improve.

4 facial signs that show it's a high IQ child - 3

A child born with innately intelligent traits is a very lucky thing. However, this factor does not determine the child’s future. If the parents education true, a normal child will also gradually improve his IQ.

What should parents do to improve their children’s IQ?

– Guide children to develop their own strengths

A smart child can use his strengths to solve many things. However, children’s nature is often naughty, they can use their high IQ to “prank” adults.

When a child’s strengths are not used properly, it is easy for children to go astray. Therefore, in the matter of educating children, parents need to do a good job as a guide.

4 facial signs that show it's a child with a high IQ - 4

– Modify arrogance

Smart children are often praised by adults. Being constantly praised like this is easy to make children become arrogant and complacent.

Therefore, parents need to teach their children about humility, not exaggerating their children’s IQ, they will develop in a healthier way.

– Do not put too much pressure on children

When it comes to their children’s intelligence, some parents often set their expectations too high. But no matter how smart a child is, a high IQ that wants to be maintained for a long time cannot be separated from being educated and trained every day.

If parents put too much pressure, it will only make children less confident in themselves. Children sometimes doubt their own intelligence.

In short, children who are overly intelligent without a proper self-perception will easily develop arrogance and arrogance. Therefore, in educating and guiding their children, parents should also let their children learn to overcome failures, so that the future will be brighter.

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