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5 items to help Jisoo style cover her rough waist, hack her slim figure

Jisoo is a famous and beautiful visual in BLACKPINK in particular and in Kbiz in general. She possesses a beautiful, sweet beauty that is easy to create sympathy. However, the global ambassador of Dior has the disadvantage of a rough waist that is not very slim. There have been many times when she revealed her less-than-beautiful bread waist. However, just by cleverly choosing 5 outfits, Jisoo was able to hide all of these shortcomings. Girls with a bread waist like Jisoo should study and favor the 5 items below.

1. Blouses

Instead of crop tops that easily reveal the disadvantages of a rough waist, the blouse is the true love for bread-waisted girls like Jisoo.

Blouse models with more stylized details such as ruffled ruffles, off-shoulders, and elastic waistbands… will help distract the eye, avoid focusing on the waist, and create a sense of a slimmer figure. In addition, the blouse also helps to increase the feeling of fragility and tenderness, making Jisoo’s visual stand out even more like the female lead.

2. A-line skirt

Another item that also helps Jisoo hack ingeniously is the A-line skirt. The A-line skirt with a high waistline helps to cover the waist and makes the legs look longer and the figure looks taller. The short A-line skirt above the knee also helps Jisoo’s image become more youthful and dynamic like a high school girl. When wearing an A-line skirt, Jisoo always wears a shirt or uses a belt to create the illusion of a slim waist. drop more.

3. Waistless dress

Summer is the season of trendy dresses, and if you want to hack your figure and cover your rough waist like Jisoo, you should give preference to dresses with more details on the waist. It can be skirts with more details, belts or skirts with a light waist design to create the impression that the 2nd round looks slimmer, clarifying the body curve. Besides, you can also use an extra belt to help increase the effect of flattering the figure, effectively covering the rough waist.

4. Wide leg jeans

When choosing jeans, Jisoo often gives preference to wide-leg jeans. This style of pants not only makes her image more youthful and dynamic, but also helps to balance the ratio between the waist and the legs, creating a feeling that the waist looks slimmer. Besides, the wide leg pants also help to disperse the gaze, avoiding focusing on the bread waist. However, when wearing wide-leg jeans, you should note that you should mix them with tight shirt models to balance the overall top – bottom, to avoid sloppy.

5. Blazers

Thought it was unrelated, but in fact blazer is an item that is extremely suitable for Jisoo’s image. Blazer standing position helps to completely hide the disadvantage of the second round; At the same time, this design also gives Jisoo an elegant and mature image of Dior’s global ambassador. When wearing a blazer, Jisoo can also transform in a variety of ways: Elegant when mixed with matching jeans/pants; or young and dynamic when mixed with shorts/skirts; sometimes she is luxurious and proud when wearing elegant tweed blazers.

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