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A stockbroker’s income of 100 million/month is normal

Vietnam’s stock market is entering a very uncomfortable period, so much so that many investors can’t stand it and just want to quickly sell shares to “run” out of this subject. This is also the time stockbroker (broker) most productive activities to be able to make judgments and accompany customers.

On the other hand, there is no shortage of reproaches or customer abandonment in today’s competitive and difficult market. Is the brokerage profession as easy as rumored, anyone can do it with a “heavenly” income? How will the broker handle in times of “twitching” market like now?

To answer this question, let’s meet Dam Hong Thanh, 26 years old and working at VPS Securities Company.

Disclosure from the broker: Households and people are all stock, earning 100 million/month is normal - Photo 1.

Hello Dam Hong Thanh,

Since when have you worked in the stock brokerage industry and why did Thanh choose this industry?

In fact, I just joined the market in May 2020, the period of bottom-making and the beginning of the uptrend wave of the stock market. I think the profession chose me because I never thought of becoming a broker before. A brother with the Club in college needed to recruit troops for the team and drag me back to work with him.

However, I knew about the stock market quite early when my parents were investors from 2008-2009, when the market entered the end of the uptrend wave and the beginning of the downtrend wave. That’s why I know about stocks and have observed the economic situation since those years. Currently, as far as I can see, the stock market and the economy 2021-2022 are performing quite similar to 2008-2009 that year.

I did not major in securities but studied Business Administration, but the major showed me the general picture of the economy and how to run a business. This knowledge also helps me to assess the market situation in general and business activities in particular. But that wasn’t enough, so when I joined the stock market, I signed up for more basic and specialized courses to better grasp the expertise. In addition, the brothers and sisters in the company also trained more practical knowledge for themselves.

Currently, there are many rumors that brokers make a lot of money. So what sources does the broker’s income usually come from?

There are 2 main sources of hard salary and self-employment (self-investment), sometimes there will be a thank-you income from customers.

I see that the brokerage profession is not much different from sales, so the income is unlimited. I would like to not share the number I received, but in the past 2 years, securities people, stock houses, the monthly income of the broker is 80-100 million is normal.

Disclosure from the broker: Households and people all have securities, an income of 100 million / month is normal - Photo 2.

Currently, there are many people who lack knowledge about securities but still invest in the style of listening to “keys”. From a broker perspective, what do you think about this issue?

I see “row key” is an indispensable spice on the stock market because it is impossible for each individual to know and understand all the stock codes in the market. Therefore, sometimes I also refer to “row key” but need to check the information again, if it matches with my own principles of choosing goods, I also type according to it, if not, then ignore it. However, if investors do not have the knowledge to constantly listen to the “keys of the row”, they cannot distinguish good, bad, or jagged stocks, … so maybe one day they will leave the market in fear and bitterness. bitter, even resentful.

I believe that each individual is the person who understands himself best, standing on his own two feet is the most stable. All other people’s advice is for reference only, when making a right or wrong decision, learning from experience will quickly grow up. That’s why I share all my perspectives and points of view with my customers as friends. I also advise customers to take investment courses to have their own judgment, have more confidence when choosing to buy and hold stocks, not just listen to others.

Disclosure from the broker: Households and people are all securities, an income of 100 million/month is normal - Photo 3.

In the field of securities brokerage, is there a case of “robbing” customers? And have you ever experienced these things?

There is competition in every industry. It is normal for customers to leave themselves and move to another broker when the vision, investment method or taste of the broker and the customer are different. Investors completely have the right to choose and change the broker to suit themselves.

When a customer leaves, there are 2 cases: 1 is that the customer actively sends me a message to inform me of the reason, 2 is that they quietly and quietly leave. In the first case, I am extremely grateful to the customer for giving me respect, and in the second case, I have no further questions, no regrets because I have done my best, just I’m a guest and I don’t fit anymore.

The market at this stage drops quite a lot, in these cases do you have to talk to customers often? Does the broker’s job require Thanh to work until the night or the whole weekend?

Not only this period, but actually in 2 years of accompanying customers, every time the market falls, I write articles to appease customers’ psychology. The day before I entered the market, I was also very stressed with these adjustments. But I’m a consulting broker for clients, a locomotive, I can’t run away, I can’t panic, I have to be a fulcrum for customers. Therefore, in the face of difficulties, I gradually train myself to be more calm to handle and solve problems. And I always have a solution after that, so I get a lot of trust from customers.

Disclosure from the broker: Households and people are all securities, an income of 100 million/month is normal - Photo 4.

The day before I entered the market, I was a newbie, did not know anything, did not have customers, knowledge, or experience, so I spent the whole weekend to sell, consult customers and learn more professional knowledge. . Now that I’m familiar and proficient with the job, I can use other resources so that I don’t need to spend too much time and still ensure work efficiency. And if a customer has a problem or problem, I will still respond to the customer regardless of the weekend or night.

Do you have any advice for people looking to become a stockbroker?

In addition to professional knowledge, stockbroking is a job that requires both reason and emotion. When selling customers, I need a warm heart to beat the emotions to bring customers back to me, but when I really fight and advise on investment in the stock market, I need a cool head – reason to calm down, not panic to get out. decision making and problem solving.

Disclosure from the broker: Households and people are all securities, income of 100 million/month is normal - Photo 5.

Thank you Thanh for sharing this!

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