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Black enough: Curry celebrates an accident, falls on his back and loses gold

(Sports news, racing news) Once again proving, sports players need to work hard until they reach the finish line to get the expected results.

The village sport has seen many comedic stories related to early celebratory action that causes players to lose their prestigious gold medal, this time to a higher level when the cyclist both lost his gold and suffered an injury. The situation that took place on April 27 at the Tour of Hellas 2022 bicycle race happened a “wretched crying half-laughing” accident.

Black enough: Curr celebrated early in an accident, fell on his back and lost gold - 1

Prades and celebrations cause pain and shame

Eduard Prades, after commendable efforts, took the lead of the race, when the wheel was about to roll over the finish line, the Spanish cyclist raised his hands to the sky to celebrate early. Unfortunately, the situation of taking his hands off the handlebars caused the 34-year-old athlete to lose his balance and fall onto the track.

In addition to the fall hitting his butt to the ground, Prades was also hit by an opponent behind him. But the most tragic thing was that this cyclist did not finish first, the championship belonged to Aaron Gate of the Bolton Equities-Black Spoke team.

In fact, Aaron finished earlier from 1 minute 46 seconds. Prades and the rest of the competitors are in the top, so they don’t know that someone has finished before. A celebration made Prades injured and fell into a shameful situation.

“We tried to catch up with the leading group but the truth is that I don’t have much information about the progress of the race. I thought there was no one ahead. So I extended my arms to celebrate the victory at the finish line. “, the 34-year-old racer corrected his embarrassment after finishing second.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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