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‘Change your phone all the time, it’s easy to change your heart’, science says ‘not so’

Changing phones is always, easy to change hearts, science says it's not - Photo 1.

Many of us equate the opinion that people who like to shop, change new things constantly and like expensive high-tech items belong to the materialistic, pragmatic type – Photo: Shutterstock

“Simply, they are just enjoying the novelty of new technology devices!”, Dr. Justin McManus from Duke University (USA) said in a study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences.

Dr. Justin McManus’ team carried out a study involving nearly 1,000 volunteers that focused on finding out: whether the desire for the latest gadgets is synonymous with a materialistic lifestyle. substance or is it just helping to promote something more fulfilling.

In fact, everyone’s need to use technology gadgets is different. There are people who only buy enough of what they need in life, but there are people who not only buy enough but also buy in excess.

These people are often very interested in information about new devices and always want to buy about those products. Even though the salary is sometimes not enough, some people choose to buy in installments, others choose to borrow to buy new products.

The products they buy are not limited to the latest model phones, but also include smart speakers, new technology watches of branded brands, computers, headphones, new clothes, home appliances …

Many of us equate the view that people who love to shop, constantly change new things, and like expensive high-tech items are materialistic, pragmatic, and greedy for vanity.

“Despite the assumptions people believe, the results of our study show that liking devices is related to personal growth,” said Dr. Justin McManus.

They will feel more confident, happy and feel like they are “enjoying” life in the right way when buying lots of new technology gadgets. This has a beneficial effect on their mental health.

The researchers believe the findings could provide consumers with a “road map” for how to best get the most out of the devices they’ve purchased.

The study comes shortly after researchers at Ruhr University in Bochum found that for materialistic people, Facebook acts as a tool to help them achieve their goals.

Accordingly, the team surveyed Facebook users about their social media activity, materialism bias, and instrumentalization of Facebook friends. The team found that materialistic people use Facebook much more often than others, and with greater intensity, as a way to achieve goals and feel good about themselves.

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