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Children who “wear shoes early” and children “always barefoot” have a difference in IQ and these 2 points when they grow up

Every parent wants to take good care of and protect their child, so they will pay close attention to every detail, including putting on shoes for the child. Many parents let their children wear shoes from a young age to protect their feet. However, according to many experts, let children go barefoot as often as possible because this will help the development of the feet and brain.

3 differences between a child who wears shoes early and a child who walks barefoot

1. The development of the foot shape

Before the baby learns to walk, the skeletal system is not fully developed, leading to very soft bones, even soft socks and shoes also greatly affect the development of the baby’s feet. In case parents choose inappropriate shoes, it will directly affect the baby’s foot shape, and may even cause the feet to be deformed.

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Children go barefoot, muscles and ligaments in the legs are fully exercised, feet will be comfortable to develop Domed feet have many benefits, it can create a stepping stone for running, jumping, walking. In addition, it also disperses force, enhances grip on the ground when moving, helps children walk more firmly and firmly.

2. The development of touch

Barefoot children can feel the ground better, support their sense of balance, exercise the foot muscles, grip and flexibility of the toes, allow their feet to move freely and avoid being crushed. foot jam.

As we all know, the foot is a very important part of the human body, on which there are many acupuncture points and densely distributed nerve endings, which is a relatively sensitive tactile organ on the body. human body. Newborns are in a period of development where tactile development is a very important point in this process.

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If you let your child put on socks and shoes early, you are limiting the development of the child’s feet. When children walk barefoot, they will perceive different sensations. This is very beneficial for the development of the tactile nerve in the foot, making it more sensitive to touch. Moreover, going barefoot also helps parents observe and correct the baby’s walking and standing posture more clearly.

When your baby is still just learning to crawl, he will often use both hands and feet to feel and firmly grip the ground. At this stage, children who are given shoes by their parents early will be more likely to fall during the process of learning to walk, and find it more difficult to control their balance than those who go barefoot. This is because the baby’s sense of touch will be affected by the shoes and socks worn on his feet, making him not feel the change from the outside.

3. Brain development, increase the ability to collect information

Children walking barefoot will help them promote the development of the nervous system, strengthen the connection of the brain and senses, and cultivate children’s ability to explore with the surrounding environment.

Children who

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Children’s brain development begins with awareness, through stimulation from the soles of the feet. The fact that the baby goes barefoot will stimulate the senses, helping the development of a part of the brain. The soles of the feet are one of the most nerve-focused parts of the body, which helps children feel their surroundings and learn a lot. It also helps develop a sense of balance, balances the brain, and strengthens muscles and joints.

Tactile stimulation in the feet can improve flexibility and body coordination, making your baby smarter and more agile.

Going barefoot has a lot of benefits, so is there anything you need to pay attention to? Make sure the ground is clean and hygienic A baby’s skin is delicate, but any obstacle can present huge safety hazards. Therefore, if you have a toddler at home, you must clean the floor every day. Of course, the temperature of the floor also needs to be taken care of so that the baby does not catch a cold.

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