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Coach Park Hang-seo found the “new Van Toan” at U23 Vietnam

In the latest exchange with the press, midfielder Le Xuan Tu revealed how he was coached by Park Hang-seo. The player on the Hanoi FC staff said: “I think I have followed the tactics set forth by the coaching staff.

My strong point is speed. However, I think I will have to work harder in practice. The whole team must do the same to complete the lesson plan proposed by the BHL.” This striker further revealed: “In addition to the striker, the teacher also let me kick the side and kick in the armpits”.

Coach Park Hang-seo found the

Striker Le Xuan Tu is highly appreciated.

The way that Le Xuan Tu is being tested by Coach Park Hang-seo is quite similar to the case of Van Toan on the Vietnamese team. At that time, Van Toan with his speed and smart ability to move without the ball could play the virtual number 9 position, the striker, the public defender…

Also related to Le Xuan Tu, this player said: “I think to talk about a place in the U23 Vietnam squad to attend the SEA Games, I am not sure. But I will try my best to be on the list of 20 players to attend the upcoming SEA Games”, Xuan Tu shared in an interview before the training session yesterday afternoon.

Talking about being able to play at home at the upcoming SEA Games, Le Xuan Tu said that this is both a motivation but also a pressure for U23 Vietnam. “Playing at home is partly a pressure for U23 Vietnam.

Coach Park Hang-seo found the

Le Xuan Tu is particularly praised for his speed.

But when the audience comes to the crowded field, we will have great encouragement. I hope that in the group stage matches, more fans will come to Viet Tri Stadium and cheer for the whole team.”

He added: “The whole team is always focused in each training session and trying their best. Each player himself is aware of activities with focus on training sessions to fulfill the requirements set forth by the BHL. I think in practice, the whole team is always focused, and in activities, the coaching staff is also comfortable with the players.”

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